No more Covid freebees

Makes sense.

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Agreed makes sense.

If this was the Trump admin, the headline would be how many people would die as a result of this policy.


What If?, the close cousin to WHATABOUT?, is all about imagined grievances, when one runs out of real (in their head) grievances.


Everyone’s mind is made up by this point as to whether or not you’re vaccinated. No point in buying anymore at the federal level. Roughly 20% of the US population remains unvaccinated completely which is a very large number.

The handling of this pandemic was such a mess, and I really hope that we learn from it as citizens, public officials and health regulators.

This virus is here to stay and will live with us until the end of time just like the flu. Rest in peace to the people that died with or for Covid. I hope that the CDC and other health officials will push more effort into lifestyle and dietary guidance going forward instead of holdings drugs as the end all be all of modern medicine, but when shareholders are involved you lose sight of any morality.

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You know it’s true

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If I understood it correctly, the updated vaccine for BA.4 and BA.5 variants
will still be available in 3 weeks under the existing government pandemic oversight and after that it all falls to private sector.

Yeah, there’s no sense arguing about someone’s feelings.


I’ve got Covid right now as do a number of my colleagues. The first year Covid hit the district paid for 10 days off, and they did not count those days against the 10 we have annually from state and district. Now your days off (must miss five) are counted against your allotted 10 days. I’m assuming that indicates a weariness with Covid more than anything.

One of the most abysmal policy failures in American history.


Hope you have a mild round with it. The counting against sick days
is probably going to be the norm as we declare it is no longer an emergency
pandemic. Guessing that is same way for the flu ? Of course that policy
encourages people to self medicate and not stay at home…which fuels the spread.

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It’s still pre-emptive whining to a hypothetical. You can goose/gander those all day, because they’re fictional. So convenient.

I read that as we did about as well or as bad as our western allies - UK, France, and Italy.
About the same as Mexico as well.

Be interested to look at the vaccination rates for all those countries as well.

Humm, India gave out ivermectin as part of thier protocol, interesting

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School district or hospital district?

Their excess deaths far exceed their official death counts. Massive undercounting going on there.

US was really close (excess deaths for period vs. official covid).


Are you sure about that ?

My suspicion is that India is under reporting covid deaths or attributing cause of
death to another disease rather then covid.


The number of deaths in developed countries was mostly tied to agree of the population. 3rd world countries fared much worse with younger populations. India is an outlier, they fared pretty well, vs south american countries with the same avg pop age

I agree. My argument is the media is left bias. When trump etc wore no masks, they were blasted then biden had his national address, biden wore no masks trying to say Covid was over to save the economy bc he was prez. I do think the republicans in office didn’t wear masks bc they wanted to pretend it was over to help the economy but when the dems did it for the same reason, no backlash and it wasn’t over yet.

I just want fair play by the media but they don’t. I had co workers bashing trump for no mask then when biden wore no mask, no a word from them.

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