No more covid vaccine mandates for our troops. What happened?

What happened friends with the covid vaccine mandates and our armed forces? Does that mean someone that was kicked out can be reinstated with back pay?

Do you want a soldier that can’t take simple orders? Hell no you don’t.



You could answer this all with a simple google search, as I did.

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He only Googles non-relevant gifs. That’s his special power.


I don’t like this AT ALL!!!

There were NO “optional” vaccines when I was in the military.

I say that as a veteran of 10 or more anthrax vaccines, two smallpox vaccines, and many others.

Hell, even George Washington at Valley Forge ordered troops to be infected with smallpox matter in an effort to inoculate them.

Given that, I DO NOT understand this change.

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but, but, but…these current administration is a disgrace at all levels.
This impact National security with buffoon leaders like that.

No surprise really. This lot hates the armed forces with a vengeance.