No social media hype for football

A friend is big time into social media and says he isn’t seeing much about UH football. He’s thinking we should be hyping the OU and Washington State games. To tell you the truth, other than the Joseph Duarte tweets, I haven’t seen much either. Conversely, Coach Sampson, Corey, Armoni and Galen were posting stuff all over the place last season. Go Coogs!


May hype

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There were plenty of posts during spring practice I think it will ramp up again when fall practice starts.


Oh Good Lord, it’s May. We’ll break out the DJ’s in late July. Tell your hype man to chill, we’ll Fyre Festival this beyatch soon.


Huh! We are 2 days into May. Team finished the season w a 50+ point loss. The oven isn’t even ready for pre-heat mode yet.
I myself is currently hoping UH Baseball can sweep UNLV this weekend and position itself for a Regional spot as they enter last 2 weeks of Conf play after this weekend. #GoCoogs

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tell him, Dana got this…

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Just got word from someone on the inside, there is going to be a HUGE hype unveiling on 9/1/19. CDH is keeping quiet about it to be sure that it’s not ruined and also to create some hype before the HYPE!

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We’re still washing the grass stains off our uni’s from those Army Tanks rolling over us. :crazy_face:


Those stains are permanent!

That is the day of the first game. I’m not a marketer, but isn’t that a little late to start hyping something?

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I think CDH wants to fly into Norman like a stealth, undetected and bomb the hell out of them.

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Okay that Army game was like our Vietnam war but the OU game will be Desert Storm. Hopefully. :wink:

Oklahoma will be Granada - no downside to that “war” which means Oklahoma will welcome us into the big 12

Sunday football will be like New Years, Christmas and Thanksgiving all wrapped into one day for UH fans. It’s a game between UH and OU and UT has nothing to say about it. The hype will be real and will be huge for our program and the university as a whole.

I think a better comparison for the Army game would be Desert storm from the Iranian point of view. In Viet Nam, we won the battles on the field, the politicians lost the war with their restrictions on our military.


Small correction, it was the Iraqi military. But your point there was taken

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I think we have plenty of time for hype.

I was being facetious because several on here think we’re going to get absolutely destroyed by Oklahoma. So my inference was that we go into Norman and beat them on their own field creating all the hype that people are asking for. But yes you’re correct otherwise.


I often don’t get sacrasm. Hopefully, we start a campaign about the time summer camp starts. It’ll pick up steam as far as ticket sales go once the team shows they can play.

it’s barely May lol