No Spring Game

Remember when the CDH apologists defended CDH’s decision NOT to hold a Spring Game?

Does anyone think THIS program had the luxury of skipping a Spring Game with the benefits of those extra reps, excitement, and pressure playing in front of college fans (first time for the incoming players or those who were redshirted), not to mention the marketing benefits.

You know how we all hate those coworkers, or fellow students, that ALWAYS find an excuse to weasel out of a work assignment that EVERYONE else has to do, as a minimum…

…that’s the definition of CDH…do as little as possible and make excuses for the things you don’t get done due to your laziness (spring game, recruiting, game planning, adjustments, etc.)

If CDH is here next season, this season ticket holder will not be here!


I think the Spring game would have exposed a lot of issues.


I know some people are upset about not having a spring game. But not practicing in front of 2,000 people isn’t the problem.


If I’m not mistaken, a lot of the transfers we got weren’t enrolled yet.

I could be wrong but I believe that’s the case. Not trying to defend Dana just saying what I believe is a fact

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Most people in this world are expected to do their job without an audience. It’s the rare ones who have the opportunity to draw one.

Spring is overrated


We would have lost that game too.


With the transfer portal rules I expect more schools to drop the Spring Game.

You have 2 scrimmages in the spring where real reps are given - the game is a joke normally

Can’t wait for the next hate thread! Keep ‘em rolling because it will make everything better lol

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LOL This post wins :smile:

I agree the Spring game is overrated but not spring football.

Trust the same issues was exposed at spring practices the game will not exposed nothing you don’t already know about your team.

But it will expose it to a public audience.


If your people are too new to have a spring game in year five then your process is broken

The whole point is we are NOT marketing this team to the public to create interest and excitement.

Do we have Alabama level interest today…No! But we can start to model ourselves after the programs we want to become.

Not holding and "celebrating " a Spring Game is quitting…it just is.

Maybe that was a sign of how horrible we would be this season.

I know we are a P4 now…but why does it feel like Rice is passing us up in the general interest in this city?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why our current students and alums are clueless about “our culture” because we have not been consistent in developing one…regardless if coaches come and go


This is the laziest staff in history. Hard work and always pushing players to be the best is a lynchpin for success. CDH and staff prefer not to do those things and seem surprised when results reflect their failure to do it. CDH is the opposite of Herman and his hard work and hard nosed philosophy, which proved so successful here.

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