No work

Shoulda taken the day off, I can’t concentrate in anticipation of tomorrow. I presume I’m not the only one!


same here… but people keep calling in… i’m over it… lol

I do have the day off. It’s good. I can concentrate on tomorrow’s game without pesky work tasks distracting me.


I think a good run after work will tire me out enough so I can sleep tonight! Is it 5 pm yet?

This game better be pretty spectacular to match the hyperventilating going on with this crowd

Good to know TAMU isn’t conflicted by work

Take the rest of the day off - it’s 5 o’clock somewhere

Go Coogs

Working from home. Leaving in an hour to the airport to pick up my two OU buddies. I hope they go home disappointed

Not distracted but looking forward to tomorrow!

I had to go to the ob/gyn for my fiancee’s appt. Then we went to pick up a marriage license(after almost 12 years i guess it’s time)…then lunch. As we were headed to the courthouse she asks me of I’m excited. I ask back what about, the game, the baby or the license? She says the marriage license. I said oh yeah. I wasn’t sure which she was talking about. The game has got me like this for the past three days!



Deza - perfectly understandable. To us. Congrats on your marriage. I trust you have 2 season tickets,

we have 4! We future proofed our seats! I love our section so once the kids come we’re set.

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Since I had the day off, I’ve been practicing for tomorrow. I watched the Peach Bowl one more time this afternoon. You better believe UH can beat a Top 10 team.

12 years! How old is that baby gonna be?
I hope she’s not expecting a natural child birth!

I don’t work on Fridays, my focus was on UH so I had no distractions. :relaxed:


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