Like wearing a mask

Would a sane person make that choice over and
over again ? Not advocating a nanny state, but not sure walking away with “your choice , your consequences” is right either. Siblings can have
rather deep seated issues from the past that really cripple them .

It was clear to me that the woman was always making these choices.

The film does not criticize her choices. Nor the choices of the other Nomads. All of them decided their RV lifestyle suited them better than being bound to a house or town.

Arizona overflows with RV Parks in which people live 365 days a year. They rent their spaces and apparently find that the costs fit their budget. Many parks have swimming pools, laundry rooms, etc.

The Nomads take this one step further. They reduce rent costs by staying at State and Federal Parks. Or by staying on BLM Land. They permanently camp out.

Parts of the movie were filmed in Arizona. Was also filmed in The South Dakota Badlands at the town of Wall. I have been to the Wall Drugstore you saw in the movie and to The Badlands. That area has a great allure…until Winter arrives! Then it is back to Arizona.

I predict we will see even more Nomads in future years. Children are grown and gone. Seniors are free of many obligations. So they sell the house and take off.


Her character seemed sane to me. At least that’s how it was portrayed.

Go camp on BLM land near Moab and you’ll start to see the appeal.

I think he means that if you pull a gun on a police office…you’re probably going to die…

That is not even close to the conversation we were having.

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