Non P5 allTime nfl players

We have the second most NFL players of a non P5 school. We are tied with BYU at 180 players all time. That ranks us 61 all time.

Any idea what non P5 school has the most?

Probably Ohio State, maybe Alabama or Notre Dame. But, when you go back to the beginning and consider all time, I would think Notre Dame and Michigan would be up there as well.

Edit: I was thinking P5 school. Though ND is not in a P5 conference, they are included with the P%'s when it comes to the CFP.

Notre dame has the most overall with 610. But as a non p5 this school definitely surprised me. They have 35 more than byu and our coogs.

My guess would be Cincy.

Navy or Army ?

San Diego State. 215.

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Wow, would have never guess that

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