Non-UH Basketball Talk - Week of 2/15

#7 Virginia falls to #16 Florida State 81-60

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Florida St has got to be the schizo-ist team this year.


You never know what they are going to do? I remember when UCF beat em pretty good!

Florida State hit 13 three-pointers and shot 54% behind the arc.

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AAC games for the week…

Temple @ Tulsa (6pm) ESPNU

Tulane @ SMU (7pm) ESPN+

USF @ SMU (11am) ESPNU
UCF @ Tulane (1pm) ESPNU

Wichita State @ East Carolina (11am) ESPNU — POSTPONED
Temple @ Memphis (2pm) ESPN+

Tulsa takes down Temple.

Good game.

#20 Missouri falls to unranked Georgia.

We have a huge road game tomorrow at WSU.
We better play very good if we want to keep our lead in conference and National ranking.

We play WSU on Thursday


“Florida St has got to be the schizo-ist team this year.”

The transfer they have coming in won’t help their “schizo” condition


If Florida State gets Scottie Barnes to return next year plus the #2 rated recruiting class and the addition of a super stud like Caleb Mills they could be a top 5 team easily.

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What happens if Mills becomes 6th man again. :woozy_face:. Hello S. Carolina do you have uhh uhh have opening… :smirk:


FSU is not a loaded team with talent. Mills, if he even ends up there, will come in and start.

What if Mills decide to come back if Q leaves as expected?

He would need one heck of a makeup session with lots of begging.
And then it would be up to our staff and players

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Probably won’t happen. But the thought did cross my mind too.

Glad I’m not the only :point_up:

I genuinely wish him success and contentment with his move. Sometimes things just don’t work out.

That said, when she leaves you for another guy, you never never ever take her back… EVER


Cincinnati “star of the future” zach harvey has opted out and expected to enter the transfer portal soon
former top 50 recruit, horrible freshman season, decent sophmore year before he opted out…was expected to be their star player next year

thats 4 opt outs for Cincinnati… even though 1 of them opted back in

interesting sidenote is that cincy has about 4-5 ships to fill this offseason…they didnt offer a single high school recruit, they are expected to heavily lean on transfer market