Non-UH: Texas A&M LB Josh Walker arrested for assault

Texas A&M LB Josh Walker arrested for assault

According to the Houston Chronicle, Walker is facing charges of “assault causing bodily injury to a family member” and “interfering with emergency requested for assistance.” Walker, a junior, was arrested Friday night and remains in custody at Brazos County Detention Center.

Alaniz said the girlfriend “tried calling 911 on her phone” but Walker grabbed it out of her hands. He then gave her his phone to call 911, but took it away and put it in his pocket, the officer said. Walker failed to hang up the call, however, and the dispatcher “could hear them arguing,” Alaniz said.

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Must be something in the water at College Station. Or they can’t stand seeing Baylor get all this publicity. But why do they have to take their feelings of inadequacy out on women?

In the past they took it out on sheep.


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