Nordstrom’s Return Policy

I can’t believe what I am reading. Don’t you guys care about your fellow man? These 80 thieves are people too. We need to get them into a chat circle and really listen to what society did to them that made them commit robbery. They are not at fault, society is at fault, you guys are at fault. You guys did this to them. I am disgusted with all of you.

Maybe the answer to these societal problems is that we have a society wide white elephant holiday party (don’t say christmas). Where everyone gets a chance to steal one or two items from anybody else. That will eventually get everyone a little more equal and equally miserable is still equal in my book. The rules are when it is your turn, you get to steal up to two items from anyone or anything in society. Once an item is stolen, it can’t be stolen again. So for instance, if I steal my neighbor’s car, you can’t steal that from me when it is your turn. You can only steal items from me that I worked hard to obtain. So yes one strategy is to not work and just steal, I mean why work if it just means what you worked to obtain can be taken from you at the next holiday white elephant theft party. This will lead to a very equal and happy society.

I hope nobody steals the playboy mansion before it is my turn…

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The end result to all of this is plain and simple. Vote these D.A’s out. This has nothing to do with politics but it has everything to do with basic security.
The #1 reason for elected officials is to protect us. The second that they fail they should be recalled immediately. Without security we have no society.

This poor San Francisco District Attorney is facing a recall election. I guess the good people aren’t buying what he is selling:

He says he wants everyone in San Francisco to feel safe. Someone might want to explain to him his job is to help to insure that everyone IS safe not FEELsafe.


I’m going to stop replying because you guys are twisting words. I’m not justifying people stealing. I don’t condone theft not even because they are insured.

Every store is going to online sales. Amazon and i forgot who else will actually send you stuff and let you try it and then you send back what you don’t like and charge you for the rest.

Every major store has a policy to not fight the people who steal. The security guards can’t do anything but call the police.

You want to stop people? get actual police at all entrances and make a statement arrest. Put everything behind a transparent case. Charge them with years instead of months. When they come for people and to houses after they can’t steal from a store dk what you want me to say. Everything has a reaction. Maybe reform is better.

Cristian, the police has been told by Governors and D.A.'s to not intervene. This is what led to the riots last night. The demonstrations were 100% warranted and needed. The riots were a creation of these Governors and D.A’s. It lead to multiple deaths and life long businesses to go under forever. That in itself is 100% inexcusable. gavin newsome can say these thefts are inexcusable in San Francisco or anywhere in California when he is 100% for not pursuing theft offenders. He is the typical politician that speak from his rear end.
This leads me to this basic point:
Our own government can’t assure our safety then let me ask everyone the following question.
Why should we pay taxes then?

Hey no worries, that big bad corporation can just write it off!

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I don’t know, but murderer may be a tad worse. I think I would rather someone steal from me than kill me.

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So, then it’s the taxpayers who are getting robbed so it’s OK? BTW, when things are “written off” it just reduces the taxes on the write off, not the total loss.

Who is chesa boudin?

San Franciscans should not be surprised by their D.A’s. There is a common denominator here. Most if not all of the areas having societal issues are run by elected officials that clearly hate America. They want to 100% change the country as we know and love it. There is no country on earth that is perfect but i can tell you from experience having lived in different part of the world and country that America is indeed the best country in the world bar none.
Just to think that this chesa boudin was a dictator’s interpreter should scare everybody that voted for him or support him.

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Murderers steal someone’s life…

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