North Shore Wins / Katy Loses

Galena Park North Shore - 49
Austin Westlake - 34
North Shore ended Westlake’s 54 game win streak and 3 consecutive state titles. NS plays Duncanville next week.

Austin Vandergrift - 38
Katy - 35
Austin Vandergrift kicked a 37 yard field goal as time expired to win.

Bummer for Katy. Good for North Shore.

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North Shore just reloads after losing their stud quarterback mid season.


Boo yea

I was able to watch Katy’s game on my phone on NFHS. Tough deal. Apparently laat week they had a d1 corner tear knee up. They got beat multiple times for 70 plus yard td passes.

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All the recruiting has worked out well for both teams.

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They moved their star receiver (who also happens to be a UTSA commit) to qb after the starter went down and never looked back.


Da’ sho’

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Good to see Katy beat but don’t worry more top players will move Into the Katy high school zone.

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Everyone has figured out the system except HISD

purpose one school as a football school and funnel the top talent in the district and other areas over there and you compete yearly

Just needs to be a school with tradition and a following though

Bellaire or Lamar.

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The other trick is to either make the target school massive in 6a or keep smaller size within district so you end up in 6A Div 2 (or 5A Div 2) bracket which is way easier path.

I used to work at Lamar and trust me half their football team doesn’t live anywhere close to campus. Bellaire has been garbage for long enough that the kids see Reagan (Heights) as their only district rival.

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My cousin played for Bellaire in the late 70s. He went on to A&M Kingsville and they wanted him to do steroids. He said no and joined the Marines where he did 30 years and now works as a private citizen on a base in North Carolina.
Sad part is he is an Aggie and ECU Pirate. Our plans didn’t align to make the ECU game but I am guessing he’s glad something else came up.

Coog Willie Gaston is the OC at North Shore


Just cannot have a good HS conversation with out idiotic and ignorant statements but what do I know I just played for the program and coached in the same district. I know coaches from the district’s other teams, those from Katy and have first hand knowledge.
Congratulations to Katy who has built an historic legacy by doing it the right way, with culture, discipline and continuity.
Katy came up a bit short this season in large part because they lack the overall talent but the system and culture is still there. The seasons they have gotten some high end talent through the program they become special like their 2015 team and a few other seasons.


I’m pretty sure they still view Lamar as their main rival in all sports. Except for this past season, they usually compete for 2nd or third place in the district.

Needs to be Yates or Booker T - they have the history and following if they win big - plus they can start at 4a or 5A and win quicker

Bellaire nor Lamar has proven they could win despite having killed other schools in taking players from other feeder patterns - those 1-2 players that could’ve been the difference in a long playoff run at Yates in the 90s and early 2000s were at Bellaire or Lamar

The Lamar team that went to state was at the benefit of westbury and other places

North shore? There’s a reason Wheatley, Furr and Galena Park hasn’t been any good consistently

Katy has figured it out despite massive building lol - they get the good players in there :joy:

Yates or Booker T? Haha

Why not? They have the tradition and 3rd ward and studewood has been very generous is sending talent to other places

In Dallas they invested in south oak cliff and it works