North Texas game will be broadcasted on Facebook..?


Not even an ESPNu or ESPN3 slot?

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It’s probably the contract setup for Conference USA.


Welp! I better start making plans for Denton then.


It will probably get more views on Facebook than it would on ESPNU or ESPN3. This allows most fans to watch a “free” game just by having a Facebook account.

I feel like this is a CUSA contract thing, but hey guys… streaming is the future. And it’s here.


I ordered my ticket a few weeks ago.

Going to get ours soon also

Don’t understand why this would be a bad thing. It’s not our TV contact and anyone who wants to watch can.

I’ve watched games on Twitter the last couple of years. If it were comparable money it would be preferable to ESPN+.

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No. The difference is E$PN has invested in really good cameras and a large number of them stationed in major cities around the country.
Lesser services lack quality cameras, number of cameras and knowledgeable announcers. Ok, sometimes espn doesn’t have the best announcers either but you get my point.

This is a game to go to!!!


Very true. ESPN is better from a production standpoint, but I’ll give Facebook a chance. As long as the Coogs win, I could care less!

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Better than beIN

Yes. It is a CUSA home game. So it’s part of their BS TV deal.

I have the Facebook Watch app on my Samsung tv, so I assume I’ll be able to watch it there.

So we can add that to our resume! We’ve been on FB…

Hey, I assume they are paying for it so I’d rather that than nowhere.

I would assume that Facebook, like ESPN3 and Twitter, relies on production equipment of the school. So it’ll be about the same as we would have gotten on ESPN3.

I watched a mariners-Astros game on FB a few years back and it was fine. Just like if I were watching any other broadcast.

Will you be able to watch it without having an actual FB account? I’ve never had a FB and don’t plan getting one anytime soon.



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Culver, I am with you. I don’t want a FB account and I avoid it like the plague.


Me too no Facebook lol!!!

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