Not Playing Backup QB?

Serious question when thinking about next year and the Big 12 play: Why would CDH not play one or more backup QB’s when we have a solid lead in the 4th quarter like yesterday? It seems like you’d want to take the opportunity see how a backup would do in a game in preparation for next year. Also, why risk the injury to Tune when we are so far ahead in the game?

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Backups will have plenty of time in the off season to develop their craft. I’m enjoying watching QB1 performance this season. We have two more games left with him so let’s sit back and enjoy the show.


It’s not the same as real live game action, practice can’t replace that, Coley had already played one play, therefore using up one of his four free games, CDH should have put him in the 4th qtr for experience


Highlight film for the QB. Trying to get him in the NFL.

I think we may take a QB from the Portal if we can get a good one. That would set up a QB competition in the spring and summer.

Coley redshirted at Arkansas last year.

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Did yall see Dana telling Coley at the half he needed to get those yards back at the end game he just lost downing the ball so far back.

Keeping Tune healthy is the only reason to take him out. Given the way we have closed games, I’m sure the coach wasn’t sure if the win until late in the game, so Tune stayed in.

I would have liked to see Coley run the offense a bit, but I totally understand keeping Tune in the game. We never let ECU off the mat.

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How is Tune’s shoulder? I assume ok, but would have rested him late because of that

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Not letting teams off the mat should be our offensive and defensive strategy. Go for the jugular. Like it or not, carnage makes headlines.

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IMHO- Dawson’s “sloth offense” UH was using at the beginning of the year devalued the QB’s NFL worth and wasted a hell of a lot of talent. When the alleged OC finally got his head out of his a** and let Tune loose this kid went wild. My humble theory is CDH and “the clipboard guy” (Dawson) are trying to show Tune’s talent and pad his stats to improve his NFL stock. The reason being is NO smart QB is coming to UH in the portal or as a recruit just judging from those first few games this year. That offense was so bad no QB in his right mind would want any part of it. The last few games have shown Tune’s true talent, smarts, and toughness. Scouts will be paying attention now. I want Tune to get the respect he deserves and to prosper in the NFL.


NFL scouts aren’t making draft decisions based on a QBs offensive scheme or production, especially in the small sample size of half a season against AAC competition.

The idea that our coaches would change their philosophy and scheme for recruiting or draft prospects isn’t realistic.

The offense is working now because the OL is doing its job, receivers are running better routes and dropping fewer passes, and Tune is making better reads and throws.


This is not true. If you look at the stats for kansas and Rice we ran more than we passed. We were almost 50/50 with Tech. Compare that with ECU where 2/3ds of our plays were pass. ie. the pass is setting up the run.

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Exactly. The NFL will make the decision themselves at their events like the combine and Senior Bowl.

right now our only hope of aac champ game lies in the cfp poll and style points….
usf must beat ucf and tulane must crush uc out of the cfp with us squeaking into a slot above them
that’s the only reason you would leave him in

My concern is more about the future and not having anyone else play after the game is already won (even with our defense)

Quit wasting brain cells on championship game, we don’t deserve it, just win our last two and get ready for the Big 12

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Hold on. In 1984, UH was seemingly out of the running for a Cotton Bowl berth, but an astonishing set of circumstances happened that propelled them to represent the SWC vs Boston College. We went on to lose the Cotton Bowl, but one thing I learned from that experience is that a sliver of hope is all that is needed for extraordinary events to unfold in our favor.


That’s silly. If we end up as a top two team at the end of the year, we deserve a place in the CCG, by definition.

At the post-game presser, Dana said it probably wasn’t a big deal and that Tune had had a sore left shoulder most or all of the season. I guess he just aggravated it until an MRI shows otherwise.

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