Not this good since


My buddy said he didn’t like the picture, i think its perfect for this team. Three Coogs fighting over the rebound, no opponent in sight

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If they had hard hats on it would have been a perfect picture!



A link on the bottom was for an article about how bad a lot of the bluebloods are this year. Honest question, is it lack of crowds? Refs not bowing to crowd pressure, getting the young 5 stars super amped up, et cet.

One thing about our culture of defense is that it’s more stable than relying on just scoring and offense. This is sampson’s Brilliance in creating a culture that will be there as a staple. So in a way this team on paper could rival phi slamma j without the light show. It could be why they did the chart showing us equal or better with phi slamma. However, I’d take phi slamma over most any team ever. One delivery guy once told me, phi slamma was the best in history on paper.

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Phi Slama Rebounda era - may be best ever - might have three NBA players on this team
have to get past sweet 16 to beat out team from two years ago

Yep. I trust Sampson’s squad every night because they bring a team strength that is easily replicated. They play defense as a lifestyle. And that alone will keep you in games you should lose on paper.