Not Thrilled With Current List of Candidates

What I was told by people on two staffs. It’s not a secret.

I just want a guy who recruits in Houston and doesn’t give the same lazy excuses and throw his kids under the bus. If Traylor is that guy that’s alright. But it’s not Dana.


Can’t put much less effort into recruiting than The Dud has been doing with that vaunted #101 class rating


Well, shoot! We’ll have to close down the program because of those two staffs.

Think about it and think why Bob Stoops makes perfect sense.

  1. okie will play in the sec next season.
  2. Regarding recruiting Bob Stoops would love to stick it to the university located in
    Austin. Yes he will flip recruits.
  3. Now let me ask you this: Bob Stoops and the N.I.L. or the N.I.L. without Bob Stoops.
  4. National program: Getting closer with Bob Stoops or without Bob Stoops.
  5. Bob Stoops coaching in the XFL or coaching in the BIG12?
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Yeah, but that is on 247 and sellers says that it is not a good ranking system.

As pointed by other’s, didn’t Stoops say he’s not interested in coaching CFB due to NiL?

He says it’s a “flawed system.” I agree. It’s better than nothing but there are far too many inaccuracies to put too much stock in 247’s rankings or Rivals’ or whichever service. On our roster, for example, Jalen Garth, Brandon Campbell, Ruben Unije, and Tank Jenkins, were all four-star recruits.


Actually since then I have had more people confirm this rumor is in fact true. Even on this thread others have confirmed it. But the more I learn about Traylor the more I’m convinced he is an arrogant ass and wouldn’t be a fit at UH anyway.

But apparently it’s very much true he doesn’t like UH one bit and turned us down.

Might have done SMU a favor with that move.

Well that kind of even things up with some Coogfans, who don’t like him.

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It would explain why outside of here there has been almost no stories about us going after him. Or even planning to.

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What about Dan Mullen? Mississippi State is a tough place to win at and he got railroaded at Florida.

I like the Gary Patterson idea also but would want to understand why TCU was so hot to show him the door.

Dan Mullen?? I think I just threw up a little bit, that dude is worse than Dana. Just look at his time in Florida.

Gary is just washed up, he was outdated in his coaching, is a pretty big a-hole, and doesn’t have the energy to recruit like he used to.

I see 34-15 at Florida, 3 NY6 appearances (2 wins) and an SEC Championship Game appearance. Simply awful!


Mullen’s recruiting was often criticized while at UF. He made a comment about not focusing on recruiting during the season and caused a firestorm.


Remember Dana won an NY6 at WVU too. The problem is it wasn’t Dana’s recruits. Same with Mullen he was riding on another coach’s recruiting.

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Dana won 11 games his very first year with all of Stewarts players…All downhill after after that.


Yup, and unfortunately for WVU fans it brought years of un-fireable good will.

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