Not to stir things up - I like most of DH's program development

At the risk of stirring things up, I want to preface by saying I like most of what I am seeing from DH in the last couple years. However, I have two major issues:

  1. Offensive play calling
  2. Insistence on QB1 being the unquestioned starter and not bringing in real competition for QB1 to at the very least push QB1

You can do everything else mostly right but if play calling is highly questionable and the most important player on the field isn’t consistently executing at a high level, it will be tough to win consistently.

I expect 8 wins minimum given our 2 year purposeful rebuild and easier schedule in 2021, however, I will really be looking at play calling and QB1 improvements and general QB management if poor play occurs this year as markers of the continued upward development of this program.


Last night I finally watched the Spring presser featuring DC Doug Belk. I was pretty impressed with the guy. Look forward to the increased depth and physicality of our defense this year. We definitely need to see more forced turnovers from the D.


I just want a dual threat in the rotation for situations where a drop back isn’t working bc of line issues

Looking forward to see Tune operate with the pieces around him. I think he can do a very good job.

As for CDH running the offense, that remains to be seen.

Basically we need to stop taking ourselves off the field whether it is by coaching or playing.

Well, you need to have the personnel that is capable of running a more open office.

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True. Obviously the team needs the right personnel to run the offense. With that said, the offense was stalled a lot because of the playcalling. Not getting the hands into the skilled players quick enough or trying to go 35 to 40 yards down field on 3rd & 1 when you have a DB playing 10 yards off the WR. That was also part of the problem.


I’d be interested to know what percentage of the time we ran right up the gut on 1st down. Seems like it was about 90 percent.

I wonder if other teams noticed that, as well?

Not a big fan of the offense.

Tune needs to eliminate mistakes. OTOH, there were times when Tune was looking for an open receiver, and I didn’t see one open downfield, either.

We have quite a few offensive problems with execution and with play calling, IMO.


Todd Graham in the post-bowl comments said that we were predictable on offense. It made it easy to scheme against.


Coach has said again this Spring that Tune’s “bad” can’t be that bad. Like pick-6, strip fumble deep in our end, throw right to the defender, and stuff like that. If that keeps happening, I think he’ll try someone else if just to try to get his attention.

I’ll also say that teams have won big with average QBs. Terry Bradshaw has 4 rings and he was average. Had great receivers, awesome backs, and one of the best O-lines in NFL history.

I disagree with that statement, I thought Bradshaw was a great QB and made some fantastic plays with his arm and with his legs. He was also tough as a boot and took a whole lot of extremely hard hits and kept on playing. Do you remember when the DL guy picked him up and drove him head first into the ground at a completely inverted angle. He was knocked out cold, but came back and finished the game in style. The toughness of the Steelers reflected his toughness.


I guess its a thin line between average and HOF

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Bradshaw is in the HOF for a reason.`

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Yes because he won 4 super bowls.

TBH, the best QBs are either ones that don’t make a lot of mistakes, like Brady, or one who makes exceptional plays, like Mahomes.

When Bradshaw was a Senior at Shreveport Woodlawn in 1966 he set the National Record in the Javelin throw, a record that lasted for many decades. He was 17 when he set the record.

Apparently he had a bazooka arm which we saw mucho times. And he won 4 Super Bowls. Not exactly an “average” QB.

By the by his High School produced 3 starting NFL QB’s, a record which still stands.

Statistically, Bradshaw was an average QB. Even average QBs make plays and are tough.

Yep. If Bradshaw had had an average O-line, RBs, and receivers, he’d be dealing black jack now instead of acting the fool on TV…which I never watch live, but I’ve seen some excerpts.nm

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When you’re in the Super Bowl you are playing against other teams with great lines, receivers, Dls, and DBs as well. When Bradshaw was beating teams like Dallas in the SB, he wasn’t playing against inferior opposition. You may not like the guy, but he was still a great QB, regardless of whatever stats you bring up. Here’s the stat that matters Super Bowl wins 4.

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Bradshaw didn’t “win” those superbowls. He played on the winning team and made some good throws. Made some stinkers too, and he had the two of the best WRs in football at the time. I don’t get how QBs get all the credit when their team wins the big one. Franco Harris and O-line beat the Vikings, btw. No one ever talks about that game, because, you know, they’re aren’t QBs.

Yeah, he had a strong arm. Who cares what he did throwing the javelin? His first three seasons in Pittsburgh he was so bad that the fans wanted to run him out of town on a rail. Even when he was the established started he had some atrocious games and people (media) would start questioning his ability to lead the team and come through in the clutch.

Well, I loved Bradshaw when he played. I was and still am a Steeler at heart, though I don’t watch many games any more. The guy was charmed in some big games, I’ll give him that.

But, he wasn’t out their by himself all alone against the Cowboys D. Come on. Swan and Stallworth made some ridiculous catches and Harris just did his thing. And then there is the O-line and the Steel Curtain.

If we keep on going back and forth I will probably upgrade him to above average, but not great.

Anyway, I didn’t bring up Bradshaw to talk about him but to illustrate that if we have better play AROUND Tune this year, our record will be better. And if he starts self-destructing, then I think coach has dropped enough hints that he’ll go with someone else. Only way he wouldn’t is if he thinks a bad Tune is better than the next guy up. That’s a tough call especially if the next guy never gets “up”

And since I’m officially rambling, many have slammed this year’s schedule as weak because of Grambling, UConn, and I guess Rice, but has anyone thought that maybe coach set it up like that so he could get game reps for guys deeper on the depth chart, especially the QBs and O-line? Don’t know if that’s why the schedule is like that, but I’ll give him the credit.

I have adjusted my opinions of Pro QB’s.

Since the OL, the running game, and the Doomsday Defense won Super Bowl VI I now believe that Roger Staubach sucked.

If not for Coogfans I would have never known.


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