Notre Dame

Does anyone have any insight as to why we haven’t played The Irish since the Cotton Bowl? Freaking New Mexico and Bowling Green play there this year, and I remember Rice playing there about 5 years back. I don’t understand why we can’t book a game there and they could celebrate their Montana Cotton Bowl, heck, invite coach BY for some kind of halftime presentation w Montana and whoever.
Bottom line. I’d like to go see the Coogs at South Bend. :grin:


Aye Laddie, it’s because the University of Texas hates us!

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We could probably do a one-and-done with them but we don’t want to do one-and-dones.


Notice those teams only play at ND, ND doesn’t reciprocate. We won’t go there if they won’t come here. But, I don’t even know if we’ve brooked the subject with them.


Tulsa played them a few years back…in a 1 point game.

I was there. Completely random.

I realize they would not consider a home n home at TDECU, but it would seem a game at NRG would demand their interest, simply considering the recruiting angle. Another positive, they can go back and look at the TV ratings for the NRG Oklahoma game - I would hope a Notre Dame game would attract similar results.

Meh. They’re a mostly irrelevant program over the past two decades, resting on their laurels and “tradition.” I’m more excited about playing both OU and Wazzou than the irish whorns.


History has proven that using recruiting as an angle to get teams to play in Houston has little, if any weight, especially for name brand P5 teams.

I once asked coach Levine this straight out and he confirmed my suspicion that is now truth.

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Didn’t they play in the national championship game and playoffs a few years ago?

Gladchuck had them on the schedule but they were cancelled.

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Kickoff classic?

Notre Dame is mostly always overrated. They have been average since 2000, going 151-87, and winning 10 games at least 6 times.

Yes, in 2012. They also made the CFP last year and finished in the top 5.

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That kind of comment does not support the myth that every conference and major independent wants to be in the Houston market.

Would you feel we were mostly irrelevant if we had their following and their playoff participation record?

Pretty sure the chronicle has something to do with it?

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That’s what I thought.

Ken, i agree…i would make a pitch to play a home and home with our H game at NRG…They could show some interest…

I’m in the minority but I have no issue with “1 and done” w a handful of programs like Notre Dame.

I’d like one every year @Michigan, @Ohio State, @Penn State, etc