Now THIS is a GREAT story!

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I like this quote about her time in the army:
“It gave experiences. It gave abilities. It gave discipline. It gave work ethic. It gave perspective. Like, at the end of the day, if no one’s dying, we’re having a good day,” she says.

I think too many kids are pressured into college by the false premise of if you don’t you are 2nd rate. I believe that most kids would greatly benefit from going into the service while they find out what they really want to do in life. I know the Navy let me find out what I wanted to do in life and I received a lot of training that benefitted me once I was in civilian life and even after I had graduated from UH.

For kids that don’t want to go to college at all, the service has all kinds of opportunities to learn a valuable trade while serving their country. I know that every rate in the navy has a direct counterpart in civilian life. Besides that, one can take pride in knowing he or she has done his or her part to keep Old Glory flying high.