#NSD2020 Thread 2.0

You forgot to mention that he is an unproven coach !

And a few years back three stars were awarded to everyone it seems. You cannot sell 2 stars the services and publicity to survive so everyone is a 3 star.

I was being sarcastic

How does the UH ranking stand in AAC?

UofH - AAC Recruiting Class Ranking:

2020: #7
2019: #4
2018: #5
2017: #4
2016: #1 (LTH)

Wow! That is freaking ridiculous. All that money spent on the program and we are getting worse YOY

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I mean eventually poor recruiting rankings catch up and show on the field.

You do realize that the lower number this year could be due to the lower amount of recruits from all the transfers. The profile of our recruits has improved tremendously. A 3 star used to be a marquee signing, now we average 3 star recruits with occasional higher ranked players coming here. We’re all frustrated with the last couple seasons, but I think the future is still bright.


I get that, but our conference mates can say the same. Keeping up with the Jones

Our transfers last year are going to make a big impact this season IMO at least.


I hope so! Honey moon is over this year.

The END of the WORLD is nigh!


247 has 6th in the conference
Cincy signed 22
Tulane signed 20
ECU signed 27
UCF signed 20
Memphis signed 16
we signed 17
part of that formula included zero star Punter Laine Wilkins from Australia. He must suuuuuuuuck!
We should all start crying now because we signed a punter from pro kick and he is weighing down our recruiting score.
We also signed the 2 star behemoth (20 year old?) project from the UK and he is WEIGHING DOWN OUR RECRUITING SCORE. OUR COACHES SHOULD KILL THEMSELVES…OMG!!


Don’t put all your faith in recruiting services getting it right. They’ll let you down and you’ll start a meltdown on coogfans.


Anoma, the former 5 star recruit transfer from Alabama, does not impact our recruiting ranking. He is the equivalent of an Ed Oliver in this class. No credit in the rankings. The Jones kid from Troy was an All-American special teams player. No benefit in the rankings.

I really like the guys we signed on both lines and Sofian looks like he has the physical tools to be really good in a couple of years.

I like how the coach is following Coach Sampson’s lead in developing the roster and making it more seasoned with older guys.


You guys need to realize UH’s prime market is transfers in the portal. These rankings mean nothing to UH.


A program cannot be built on transfers primarily. We need guys that are developed in the program.

The average per recruit rank the last eight years (since TDECU announcement/construction)…

2020 - 0.8364
2019 - 0.8402
2018 - 0.8256
2017 - 0.8238
2016 - 0.8562 (year of Oliver)
2015 - 0.7971
2014 - 0.8090
2013 - 0.8260

(Average ranking per recruit over that span - 0.8268)

Basically, our recruiting is on par with previous years. The thing that has changed between all of these years is what the HC has been able to do with that talent. The thing that has changed with our conference ranking is how heavily we have relied on transfers, ie more transfers means less Freshmen, which means a lower conference ranking.

That is why you always look at the average ranking per recruit. Better indicator of average talent being brought in.


But Paul, what players actually do on the field, be they recruits, transfers, or preferred walk ons, doesn’t make any difference. What is important is the signing class rankings and if we get 20 All-American transfers, all with several years of eligibility left, it will negatively affect our signing class ranking and that’s what we need to focus on. Don’t they give out awards and trophies for signing day? The regular season on the field results don’t matter.


What this shows is that the last two classes signed by CDH are better than all the other recent years except for 2016 which was inflated by the addition of Ed Oliver because his dad insisted that he play with his older brother at UH. To me, the future of UH FB seems very, very bright.

And if a higher level of coaching salaries should somehow equate to recruiting trophies and national championship game appearances, then why haven’t UT and ATM ever made the playoffs? [Reminder that they are both collecting and spending $200+ million per year on their athetic programs.]


Take the fact that the average star ranking is at or above recent years AND throw in a bunch of blue chip transfer athletes. We should be looking pretty, pretty, pretty good.