Nuclear fusion hit a milestone thanks to better reactor walls – this engineering advance is building toward reactors of the future

Unlimited source of energy it’s coming!

Dude here had a piece not covered in this abbreviated section of interview about mini-nuclear reactors. He said that the first ones will be rolling out soon to produce commercially.

Bill Gates has one of the first up and running in Wyoming. Romania has one as well. Disappointed they left it out of what they put on the web site. Almost like NBC didn’t want people to know about nuclear[](

I sure hope this isn’t another University of Utah cold fusion in a bottle fiasco like back in the late 80s/early 90s.

This is hard empirical science, not some lab glitch experiment that couldn’t be reproduced. Stuff shown to work just perfecting the technology. now with what we understand material and technologically wise to make it happen. In fact it’s happened just on a small scale ( various places like here, Europe, China, Japan) they have to ramp up the technology. Nothing to do with cold fusion.

I just don’t see this as major breakthrough. Iter itself is only designed to operate
400-600 seconds ( 7-10 minutes ) and it’s still 4 years away from first plasma and has
a 10 year ramp up plan of testing deuterium/tritium. wiki has good write up on ITER on which
JET is just a development feeder system. Long read, but gives an idea of number of challenges ahead.

And assuming it’s successful and on time, getting it to commercially built units pushes fusion
out to probably 2050-2060.

Probably are correct before you see the first commeracial reactors. Still huge milestone. Like the first plane it wasn’t commercial it was experimental, key item about it show human flight was possible, where naysayers said it wasn’t.