Number 7

Who else has worn #7? Anyone have a historical roster?

Go to this link and you can select the years you want to see, but it only goes back to 2004.

Since 1970–

Pat Orchin WR 70-71
Chuck Fairbanks QB 74
Ricky Maddox WR 76-77
Terry Elston QB 79-80
Quince Harris 83
David Klingler QB 89-91
Clay Helton QB 93-94
Joseph Butler 95
Ketric Sanford RB 96-99
Heard Robinson 00-01
Dustin Bell K 02-04
Shang Moore QB 03
Chris Pilot LB 05-08
Case Keenum QB 07-11

Out of those (other than Klingler and Keenum) the real standouts are Elston and Sanford. They are among or close to the top 10 all-time Coog players at their positions. Orchin and Maddox were solid receivers. Bell was a really good kicker. Pilot made contributions as well.

Hadn’t had Quince Harris cross my mind in ages. As I recall he qb’d for a handful of games in '83(?). Lost the job to Gerald Landry? My memory is hazy, I drank a lot in those days. ,-)

Quince Harris’ best year was 1983. 46 rushes for 271 yards… 21-41 for 240 yards passing…efficiency rating of 93.8…Other QBs that year were Lionel Wilson and Gerald Landry.