NY immigration status does not seat well with evans

He is a dem I believe. There is nothing to see here.

This exact thread has was already started this morning.

What does that mean?

Someone started a thread on this exact same issue. We don’t need two of them.

I could merge them but I think someone would not react positively to that. However, who is “Evans” mentioned in the subject?

Evans is the guy who doesn’t seat well, I think.:smirk:


I thought New York was a sanctuary city? LOL!

So New York can’t handle 10k a month but we’re getting 8 k approx per day lol

There is quite the size difference in NYC and the state of Texas.

About 900X.

Well I agree with Abbott busing bc they do sign off as to where they go and they don’t care if they are in Texas as long as they are in the USA. When they arrive in Texas, they aren’t going to Bryan , college station but to bigger cities like Houston so it’s much the same as going to a big city up north where there are jobs and resources to help them so it’s the same. It’s highly hypocritical of these other cities complaining of costs when Texas deals with it daily on a cost level etc. Everywhere Abbott sends them , the cities complain. If they didn’t complain, I’d respect the other cities bc they would be saying it’s ok with open arms then it would kill the argument that there are costs too high dealing with this. So again if the other cities complain or you complain about busing, your saying illegal immigration is a problem. Again the immigrants don’t care where they go so they aren’t upset but it’s the cities they go to complaining so they are hypocrites.