NY vs. Trump Organization

This sure sounds like the Trump Organization and the executives may have some large exposure to the IRS here. If any of this skirted any payroll tax, that is the one tax (along with associated penalties and interest) that carries through personal responsibility even for a corporation, llc or LP. If found guilty in NY, they would be wise to approach the IRS to settle any claim directly.

I don’t have any feeling on if any of the Trump family could have any criminal liability here but certainly they could be personally liable for any missed payroll taxes.

I am the first one to go after the Donald for wrong doing but this case is turning into a nothing burger.

This guy attempted a coup d’etet against the United States of America. He should be in prison for life and this is the best we can do.


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“Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg chokes up at fraud trial” Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg chokes up at fraud trial

Total BS heaadline

Well, I agree that he should be in an orange jumpsuit or worse for his treason, but the investigations are still going on. Garland is doing this methodically.

His crimes are so many, and the enthusiasm for his next run is nil (see the pathetic roll out of his campaign last week), that hopefully he’ll finally be held accountable.

See: Al Capone