NYC Coogs

I just moved from Houston to the NYC area and I’m just reaching out to anyone else that would like to get together to watch games. Message me here and I’ll get back with you…

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There is a spot in NYC that holds U of H gatherings and watch parties. I have been to it. I can’t remember the name or where it’s located, but I’m sure if you sit tight on this thread, someone will respond to your request about it. Hope this helps! Go Coogs!


Firehouse Tavern. 85th st and Columbus Ave.



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I am the formerly known as HotelCoogNewYork, changed because it is too darn long.

Firehouse is no longer open. The Coog Owner (Jeremy) is doing something new with the location.

I believe that the younger folks in the group were hanging out at one of Jeremy’s other places (not really a sports place) on the way way upper west side near Columbia U.

I spoke recently with the guy trying to run the NY alumni group and they might be looking at other places

I don’t do Facebook but the NY group hangs out there so check them out on Facebook.

What happened to whistlin dixie’s texas tavern we used to go there when I was up there. The good old times, hotelcoog.

If I recall that is or was a Sip (Horns) hangout on the far west side.

Horns inside…Transvestites outside.

Not complaining about the transvestites.


Lol :joy:

Thanks HCNY; I’ll check out facebook and see what I can find.

Make a request and you’ll be added. Welcome to NYC.