NYT Feature on Cam Burrell and "The World's Fastest Family"

Pretty cool article about Cameron Burrell, his coaches/family, and Cam’s ups and downs.


excellent article!

Great article for UH and this lovely family! Thanks for posting!

The year delay in the Olympics is probably a help. Gives him time to work on being more consistent, Coleman will probably be suspended, and father time may finally catch up to Gatlin. Still a lot of competition, but Cam is 1 of only 12 Americans to run under 10 seconds since 2018.

Maybe another topic is necessary.

But you follow track closer than anyone here: I’ve always thought Gaitlin was still dirty. Isn’t he in his mid to late 30s and still running sub-10 second 100s?

That’s not right.

And Coleman: what’s going on with him? I haven’t heard anything about him.

Yeah, he is 38! Its just crazy he is still running under 10 seconds. He has had his doping issues in the past. Christian Coleman is trying to fight his ban right now. It is supposed to be two years but a lot is still up in the air with that. His wasn’t a failed drug test, it was missing 3 tests. The rules are super strict, every athlete has to let the drug testing agencies know where they are every single day and select an hour window to be available for testing. His last missed whereabouts he said he was at Chipotle, lol. Hope that was a good burrito because it may have cost him a gold medal! It doesn’t seem like he is cheating, more that he just isn’t the most responsible person.

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FWCoog, do they have to fill out that information online for the whole month or something like that?

Yeah, they explained it was just like an online calendar you have to keep updated. The last time Coleman missed the test, he said he was back home at the end of his window but the tester came at the start and didn’t call or wait. Even said he thinks it was intentional to get him to miss another test. He previously got out of a charge on a technicality that a missed test would be back dated to the first day of the quarter. If they let him off again, they will probably have to scrap the whole program.

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