Oathkeeper guilty of seditious conspiracy

While you hate to see ex military or LE in this group of nuts, you have to remember DHS
has over 250,000 employees as mentioned in the article. It’s a very small number of fruitcakes
percentage wise. And same for Coast Guard. Hate to see any of them involved in this fringe
group, but not shocked by it, and not like a large percent of the Guard involved.

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes sentenced to 18 years for seditious conspiracy in Jan. 6 attack (yahoo.com)


From your link…

Attorney Phillip Linder told the judge that Rhodes could have had many more Oath Keepers come to the Capitol “if he really wanted to” disrupt Congress’ certification of the Electoral College vote.

So “the defendant could have made things much worse than he did” is a defense?


Only when begging for leniency.

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So much for the RWNJ conspiracies of dem deep state workings. Seems most of these in DHS were occupying lower-level positions he said nicely.

Desantis on the record he would pardon them.

Including Trump. Lol that’s likely going to piss him off.

DeSantis is becoming a parody of himself. I guess a Harvard education doesn’t guarantee common sense.

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He cant win a primary without pandering to the MAGA base.

MAGA ideas and desires are not going to win over moderates and independents in a general.election.

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Rhodes deserves every bit of his 18 years; and under federal sentencing guidelines, he’ll have to do about 80% of it.

Hopefully it holds up on appeal…and hopefully, he isn’t pardoned.

If Desantis is truly considering that, then it should be hardly surprising why I vote 3rd party.


At this point, Biden will be president again. Many are not thrilled about it, but the alternative is far worse.


That’s the dilemma every republican faces right now. They have to have the maga base to
get the nomination it seems. Whether Desantis would follow thru on this is hard to say.
Based on some of the actions and things he’s pushing, which seem crazy to me, I think we have
to take him at his word on the pardons.