OBL’s #2 man bites the dust


The Taliban remains the #1 harborer of jihadist terrorists.

Little has changed in the last two decades.

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Dem presidents get the terrorists


Funny that some give credit to previous admin when something good happens but no blame for bad stuff.

We need more self awareness for the inconsistency of the positions that we take.

Now that the taliban are in charge, terrorists have a safe harbor again

Well otherwise we would have to stay forever. Men over there are a weak bunch.


And who negotiated with them directly and did not include the actual government in the negotiations?

Nothing says safe like having your leader assassinated


He was an old man, a figurehead

Glad he’s future fertizer but one old monkey don’t stop no show

True, there are many that will take his place

The military gets the terrorists.

She thinks Biden was driving the drone, lol.

CIA got this guy

What? The CIA now has military equipment? Let’s just say that a coordinated effort by the CIA and the military took out another target. Unfortunately, Afghanistan is again a haven for terrorists. Taking them out one at a time is not going to actually stop the thousands that are still there.

When a dem is president we get the top terrorists.
If i was 92010 or Tucker i would ask why is it that the timing is that way.
How can a Dem President always get the leaders but Republicans can’t. Hmm. Is there a chance the Republicans want the terrorists in place so they can continue the war o terror forever. Yes if i was a crazy conspiracist I could come up with some very disturbing ideas of why the timing always seem to work against the Republicans and getting the terrorists leaders.

Tyra, that is the stupidest post I have ever read on Coogfans, Cougar’s Den, or Cougar Digest.

The news said a cia drone.

OK, the only thing I saw was he was taken out by a drone.

They just happen to be in power when the intelligence arrived the cia started hunting him during the Clinton administration.

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I guess he was feeling safe with the current situation in Afghanistan.

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