OBL’s #2 man bites the dust

Didn’t Orange man pull out of syria and afganistan? O man and Crooked topple Kadafi and create let ISIl and ISIS take over Iraq and Syria?

I’m sure special forces were involved also, just can’t put that in the paper as we are not supposed to be there

Trump entertains our enemies while Biden and Obama find them and take them out.

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Biden is the commander-in-chief. It happened on his watch, so he gets credit just as Obama (or Clinton because of her presidential aspirations) got the blame for Benghazi. Shows you how polarized the country is. I don’t remember Reagan being pilloried for the bombing of the Marine barracks.

Thought yall liked humor, 92010 posted those SNL skits so this is acceptable

It’s not like under Trump’s administration things were rosy for terrorists. Iranian general Soleimani and al Quida leaders Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Abu Hassan al-Muhajir were all killed during his term. But neither Trump, Obama, or Biden did anything other than say OK when the CIA and military said they had them in their sights. The real credits go to those who actually set it up and carried it out.

True, it took real guts for Obama too send helicopters in to pakistan after what happened when Carter sent in special forces into Iran to free the hostages. Ditto with Trump going after an Iranian general who Bush and Obama let run unfettered in Afganistan.

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Why is it that some posters can post political opinions?

He said in the thread about how the current leader of Al Qaeda, and OBL’s #2 man, was killed by a strike ordered by Joe Biden, disproving this assertion before he even thought of it.

Why are you being such a Coogfans “Karen” like poster?

You break all the rules, got yourself suspended for it and now you just whine to the mods?


The priorities may change with administrations, but the agencies like the NSA and CIA have a very long timeline for getting stuff done. They have to obtain intel assets, vet the info, cultivate human assets (informers or spies), plan, plan, plan. And get an opportunity to take the shot, ideally when no civilians are in the way.

POTUS gives the go-ahead after the possibilities are presented and the risks seem reasonable.

Meanwhile, the last guy some of the clowns still would vote for…

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Interesting, I was wondering how it did not take out his whole family.

It dices……it slices……CHOP SUEY!!!


Interesting. Damage video is wild…the accuracy has to be off the charts good.

'MERICA…got to love our weapons



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