Observations and Conclusions

So, I just got home from another drive by the stadium to observe what is really going on with the work on the exterior. They have, indeed, removed ALL of the metal skin from the north side of the stadium; the only part remaining tonight is the metal “UH” in the middle of the north wall (three or four of the much smaller red canvas banners are still up, but I suspect they will be coming down, probably tomorrow).

And that leads me to some profound conclusions:

  1. They are not “finishing the metal skin”; no, they have removed the part already in place. I can think of only one reason they would do that: they intend to build an entirely new outer wall further away from the playing field - they are getting ready to expand the stadium, just as Tillman Fertitta said they would do when we get into a P5 conference.

  2. That means they already know we are getting into one of those P5 conferences, almost certainly the Big12-4+2 - - - well, it could be one of the others, but not at all likely.

  3. That north side will probably be without the metal skin for this entire season, and expansion will begin at the end of the season - to be finished by the beginning of next season. Hopefully, that expansion will include not only more seats, but also proper build out of other things: better and easier access to the upper concourse; restrooms and concessions on that concourse; proper ventilation - if not air conditioning - in all restrooms; ribbon boards all the way to the end of the upper stands - on both sides; and if we get real lucky, even water fountains!

After suffering many doubts in recent days, I am now convinced that we already know we will get in a P5 conference - and in the next few weeks!

If that does not happen, my disappointment will have no bounds.


Someone is stealing it and selling it for scrap?

Sell crazy somewhere else EatemUp.

We’re all stocked up here.

Unfortunately the water fountains wont happen, According to some of the people I know in athletics, to run potable water lines in the stadium would have required and extra $10,000,000 when they built it, so the stadium was never set up (plumbing wise) to have them. their compromise was to allow outside drinks to come into the stadium. sorry, I know that’s kinda disappointing, but they were on a budget.

While, drinking fountains are an option-able amenity, the system i believe has the capacity to expand the restrooms. and I believe that the 60 K expansion would include additional restrooms. Whether or not they will have AC is debatable, and from personal experience, I have not experienced the problems that have been expounded on in the forums. IF it is a problem they will probably address it at that time. I believe that at 60K they will also expand the suites, so HVAC and plumbing modifications would make sense from the construction and budget point of view. My two cents.


Good info OP.

They have used these large water coolers in lieu of fountains.

I don’t know how anyone who suffered through season after season of the restrooms at Robertson could complain about the current ones. My god folks, you can actually breathe in the ones at TDECU.


What a bunch of wussies!!! …

Try hiking in the Pacific NW where nature is your outhouse and if YOU DO FIND AN OUTHOUSE … it makes that infamous outhouse in Slumdog Millionaire look/smell like heaven … :anguished::wink:

I laughed at guys who walked into the Robertson bathrooms with flip flops on.


YUCK! I remember those restrooms at Robertson and I’ve never complained about anything at TDECU. It is an upgrade in every way over Robertson, but I do miss the nostalgia of Robertson every now and then. It wasn’t much, but it was home, back during those Robertson days. Regardless, we have a home stadium now that is worthy of being bragged about and no one can tell us, we don’t belong.

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