OC and CB, 2 Biggest issues going into next year

this OC hire will define us for the next 3-4 years as it will set the tone for the applewhite era…

the scheme we are running isnt good enough, it just isnt…an experienced OC from an elite offense
guitton isnt acceptable…i want experience, i want proven, i want high scoring … i want adaptability

and no offense to our corners but the blueprint to beating us has been laid out since tech, hit quick outside passes …avoid the line, there are yards there

myers and Winchester are decent depth…but shouldn’t be starters on a team trying to be elite
i actually like johnson but his inexperience is a huge point of weakness…

we desparately need a top CB transfer or top recruit …we have no immediate impact at CB coming in


Almost want to eat my pride and hire Briles Jr. Though I agree thats what we need, there arent very many names that would fit the bill


The defensive scheme is a joke. The offense is a joke. Welcome to 7-6 with Opie.

We have better players than Tulane, Tulsa and Fresno. This is not rocket science.


Agreed. Hello Kendall Briles.

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Smiles and style with myles and briles.

I’m not sold on King a QB, think I like him better as an all purpose player where he was… but, I guess the alternatives at the present time, their isn’t much especially with Allen’s status up in the air. The line play on the offensive side just has to get better, play calling and simply running the team… very average. Defense is missing some key ingredients like corner and safeties. I’m really not real optimistic under Apple. Guess we have to live with our decision for the time being… coaching is average at best.

Briles is not convicted of anything. How long does he get black balled?


Much more fun watching offensive game plan in early bowl games. Lots of movement and deception, not including trick plays. Watch up line up and stand around for 30 seconds prior to snapping the ball. Just a bit on the boring side . . . . .

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Former Baylor assistant and Briles son in law was hired by UCF

i think king played great…i don’t think there was a bad pass all game

I think finding a true pass-rushing threat outside of Ed is a huge priority, too. He can’t be the only guy getting any consistent pressure on the QB. Our CBs haven’t been amazing or anything, but 99% of defensive backfields would’ve struggled to stay with receivers the amount of time that Fresno’s QB had on seemingly every pass play. Winchester, Myres and Johnson will all be seniors with starting experience next year, and that’ll spell improvement.

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every time we meet a not horrible passing team they put up huge yards on us… even ecu… we were just lucky to be in a league that just didnt have many good passer and is heavy qb run league

and for context…fresno was #3 in the nation in sacks allowed,and they played 1 more game than most (ccg), and also played bama… they have had time to pass with EVERY team they have played …yet houston was the most passing yards he has gotten ALL season

winchester and myers arent bad…but they arent starters on any respectable team. winchester is like 3 years deep now, he will never be shut down or close if he hasnt figured it out yet, even though he makes a nice play here and there…
johnson i actually like, he played respectable for a guy who only started playing cb 1 year ago…he has a high ceiling…but still lack experience …all of them regularly give up big plays

I wish we brought in Just ONE cb we expected to make an impact, but we are essential out of schollys to give and no immidiate impact players added…here the wierd thing to me… even if applewhite had faith in those 3, they are seniors…we should have backfilled this class with cbs…is he planning on playing true freshman cbs in 2019? i have no clue what he is doing with that position

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DJ Small looked promising before going out with injury. Hopefully, either Kadarian or Javian Smith also make a leap to be starting caliber players.

But, I agree. We need CB depth and the last two coaching staffs haven’t prioritized that position for some reason.

Looked like a Levine team out there.


kd and javian has been jumped by a walkon who wasnt getting minutes in a D2 school & a WR just within a few weeks of spring practice…and within a few weeks of fall had been jumped by a underweight true freshmen who only recently start playing football a few year ago. i dont believe their is much faith in them by the staff…


Javian injured and redshirting this year. I’m expecting big thing from both Smiths going forward.

We do NOT have better players than Fresno. They clearly had more speed and talent than we did. Their defense gives up 17 points a game…Boise and San Diego state couldnt score on them, either, and since their transfer QB took over in 4th game, they have been a really good team. Apple needs to get the talent level back to what it was 2 years ago. O line needs to keep improving. Really need improvement at corner. Need speed at RB and WR, because right now we dont have any…Our new recruits and redshirts need to help, and right now! Apple needs his chance to do that.

You seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of how total passing yards should be used without context. Nobody wanted to run against our front line this year, which led to every team we played passing the ball more often than they did all year, which of course will lead to higher passing yards allowed if all you look at is total yardage. The fact that you used ECU as an example is telling. They had 468 passing yards, which sounds bad, but it took them 74 attempts (!!!) to get there. 6.3 yards allowed per pass attempt is very good.

Yea, McMaryion had a season-high in pass yards. He also had 12 more pass attempts than against anybody else all year long.

I decided to look back at the “not horrible” passing teams we faced this year, which I would define as Arizona, Texas Tech, SMU, Memphis, USF, ECU and Fresno. Out of those 7 teams, only 1 averaged more pass yards per attempt than their season average. (It was USF, if you can believe that, at 8.55 yards/att vs us, compared to season average of 8.03)

Arizona: 5.9 y/a vs UH, 7.6 for the year
Tech: 7.1 y/a vs UH, 8.1 for the year
SMU: 6.7 y/a vs UH, 8.1 for the year
Memphis: 8.89 y/a vs UH, 8.95 for the year
ECU: 6.3 y/a vs UH, 7.0 for the year
Fresno: 7.0 y/a vs UH, 7.7 for the year


arizona is a horrible passing team, and we mostly played dawkins and not tate. we’ll start there, they are set up on the play action (same with usf)…if you take away the run game, the passing game is exposed ad not good… i define good passing team, as teams that can sustain themselves with the pass alone. (also are we forgetting Arizona missed a wide open game winning 5yd td pass)

tech & memphis were the only legitimate pass teams we played all year (lost to both)…smu, ecu, fresno were passable, the remaining were run based teams

and devils advocate points…we have a great Dline…they dont have time to pass the ball… in the very OP of this thread i noted the blueprint to beating us is quick outside passes…quick outside passes decreases your yds per attempt. long yds per attempt would be more indicative of no qb pressure as they have time to set up long plays

point 2…you portray it as though it was a rock and a hard place…like passing was the better option of 2 bad optionS. no, it was between a rock and some pillows. yes, nobody wanted to run against us but they didnt have to, our pass d was so weak…yes he threw more times than he did the other games but he also scored more on us than any winning team he played (more specifically anyone over 3 wins)…the passes were always there for him, why try and force the run…

i agree with you that passing yards should be used in context… i think you are the one misunderstanding the context …
outside of stats you have eyes aswell and watched us all season…if you think we have a good passing defense, you haven’t watched a single game …memphis was scoring at will…42 points in a half

The problem with our defense is that the other team’s offense stays on the field the majority of the time and gets in scoring position more easily than our offense. Our defense does a good job of keeping teams out of the endzone for the most part but late in the halves and game the Dline, our strength, gets worn down from having to rush QB’s and chase backs and recievers from sideline to sideline the majority of the game. Then the opposing offense starts to be able to run the ball more effectively and scores touchdowns late in halves and games. We have got to get turnovers or stops from our defense. That has been a winning formula for us the last several years