OC and CB, 2 Biggest issues going into next year

I promise, with the right coaches, OC and DC, all of a sudden Winxhester and Williams look like draft choices.

And those teams that decided to throw on us were SMART. The game planned. Why would you want to run on ED and friends? Especially when you can toss it for an easy 5 yards every time (15-20 if the guy misses a tackle)?

We run 24 times for 31 yards…when do we think about giving up the run game. with this coach…never.

Well, maybe our better players were thinking the same thing. Maybe the Tulane and Tulsa players were thinking they were tired of being beaten and had more want to.

As for Fresno State, why do you think that? They lost only 3 games in regular season with 2 of them being against then #1 Alabama and #6 Washington. They beat San Diego St like a drum, and beat BYU, and Boise St in regular season. They lost the rematch in the CCG at Boise which is par for the course in same season rematch games. In neither game did Boise St score more than 17 points. In the San Diego State game, the Aztecs were held to no TD’s and their vaunted runner was held in check. So why do you think they had inferior talent?

i think you are mixing well coached with talent. as of now not a single fresno player is on the nfl radar. literally no one we played is projected to be in the nfl (atleast yet) i read a talent preview pregame…

That also jives with the fact they were predicted to finish last in their division preseason. Then tedford takes over in his first year there and the team does a complete 180. I would say coaching had a major part in it.

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Spot on! Coaching can make a big difference. We switched from dimel to briles all of a sudden a 0-12 team is winning and the same players look like studs. I do realize Kolb came with briles but one dude did not win all those games. We switched from Levine to Herman and all of a sudden the players look totally different. Mark my words, we do not lack talent on this team. We out talented almost all the teams we played especially Tulane and Tulsa. If you want to see how coaching can make up a talent difference watch the Tulane game.

Yeah CMA got schooled by Willie Fritz. To me that isn’t surprising. Y’all better get used to Tulane being good for about another two years until a P5 takes notice of Fritz. He has won wherever he has gone.

I wanted him instead of Herman and I wanted him instead of Applewhite.

Biggest issue going into next year is coaching/leadership.

“I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.” - Alexander the Great


I don’t buying the Texas high school coaches supported major line. We should have gone with Todd then hired high school coaches to establish connections. You know just like baylor did with rhule.

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I also like King, but at wide receiver. He doesn’t seem to have the instincts to run the type of offense we have. He does not do the zone read, he does the delayed handoff. If Bryson Smith is a better QB, he should be given the job right now and don’t have any completion and wait until the first game to say who it is. I also agree MA’s future hinges on his OC hire and getting out of the way.

Baylor went 1-11 this year.


True but I would suspect with the stellar recruiting they won’t stay there long.

im very intrigued with that situation. rhule runs a prostyle… im not sure that can work at a place like baylor in the big 12

They have great coaches but I still think UH has recruited better in the past few years.

It looks like King has been told to stay in the pocket. Stay there and pass it.

Applewhite had three capable QBs so I’m pretty sure it’s not the QBs.

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Do you mean like Briles did, and everyone gripped about having all HS coaches as coordinators? Then the AD forcing Briles to hire better coordinators – which eventually led to Briles wanting to bolt?

I’m as frustrated as everyone. But I don’t have the expertise to evaluate players, schemes or like so many folks calling for CMA’s head. If it’s all about coaching, let’s see how many of today’s big name coaches fell on their face during their first year as a coach. College football: 11 coaches who lost bad in Year 1, then won big - SBNation.com

Just saying. And for all those criticizing TF and RK for making such a horrible choice, please name me one administration since 1958 at UH that has done more for UH Athletics. Take a deep breath folks. If you’re so dang knowledgeable, go the the “man” or “woman” directly. They didn’t get to where they are by not listening to super intelligent folks. More importantly, complain all you want. Just don’t quit. That’s the legacy we need to ditch.

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Even when briles first got here and was making boneheaded play calling I always had an expectation we would win. Even when we lost to teams we should have beaten.

With major we make boneheaded plays and I just go blah

Cannot afford to accept mediocrity at this point in time. Can’t miss the cut at the next go round, it would be an Ali uppercut $$$-wise. Have 100% confidence that RK will make the change if needed after next season. If she didn’t care about results, we’d be going into year 7 of the Levine-era

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Your using 11 instances. How about the 1000s of 1st year coaches who didnt become legendary & 1st year was just start of the losing.

So what? This mistake of a hire should be praised in retrospect for their greater work?

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Sorry, you obviously have all the answers.

Promise to bring this up after next season. Most of the big name coaches on the list (there’s an odd mix in that article) won at least 9 games and a division championship the year after their first listed. If CMA does that, feel free to say I told you so and he may be projecting up

On the other hand, if he doesn’t, those unexplainable losses may be like most coaches who don’t become legends and fade into the obscurity of average or bad coaches