Off Season Stadium Upgrades

Besides the new seating being installed in 127 and 131, are there any other improvements they are making to the stadium?

Good question.

Last year, they finished the exterior paneling. I think future sections where chairbacks may be installed are:

Upper 228, Upper 230
Upper 308
Lower 310, Lower 306
104, 114

We need an auxilary video board in the NE corner at Shroeder Gate 1 facing SW so the fans in the SW corner can see video.

Of course, the next major project is the Football Operations conversion of the West EZ complex.

In the future, they need to build out 300 level restrooms and concessions. Probably won’t happen until the stadium is expanded.

Finally, I would love to see some escalators installed on the South side that lead up to the 300 level, and another elevator on the north side leading to the 300 level.

PS I see where they gave sold naming rights to the Club Entrance. It’s the Dan & Beth Bellow Entrance. Also Gate 1 was sold last year. Now Schroeder Gate 1 as noted above. Still can sell naming rights to Gates 3 and 4.

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I wonder what the cost is for the naming rights.

Those are great ideas.

  1. Escalators
  2. New screen
  3. Concessions & restrooms on the upper levels.

But i haven’t heard any official news

Dan Bellow is president of Jones Lang Lasalle in Houston. Not too shabby.

My guess on entrance naming rights is $250K-$500K.

So, I guess we won’t have a Gate in 2017.


I was thinking about that! We should have something. Like a corner or banner


Talk about increasing the awareness of cougar discussions! That’s a cool idea!

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