OFF TOPIC: P5 redux = European Super League

Reminds me of the P5 breakup of college football. The venture is currently being backed by Chase (u no like ESPN). Clearly, thie has been quietly in the works for awhile!

The reaction to the uber Super League is roiling the soccer (pronounced “football” in celsius countries) world. The 12 teams with a expansion to 14-16 will play in their own league. Here’s the rub: no relegation no promotion. The whole soccer (nee football) system is dependent on relegation and promotion. The process forces teams to adjust and get better. English fans are howling.

Aaaaaand…ESL is quashed due to fan backlash! P5 still going tough.

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Big difference. UEFA and FIFA will kick out teams and world countries from the world cup and Europe competition. Italy, Spain and England will not compete in future world cups or champions league.

I think this will be nipped in the bud. At least, I hope so.

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Move this to the soccer bored please… :joy:

Why is this on Coog basketball???


It has fallen apart!!! It will not happen now.

The English teams barely grazed up against it and the ESL flopped over, grabbed it’s shin and rolled around on the ground.


ESL did a Naymar?

Not happening but if they p5 was stupid enough to break away then the g5 can do their own bb tourney with 285 teams and Gonzaga etc would be very good then we have have of the 128 or so to do a fb playoff. We’d prob make more then we do now so. Again they need the G5’s to pad wins otherwise they beat each other then maybe USC etc go 6 and 5 and the fan base dies. They really like the way it is with money, control and wins for fans.

Cuz I forgot I wuz in Bassettball when I wanted to be in Soccer.

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