Officiating will be our biggest problem

So a ESPN progo /betting guru just said the conference and many others don’t want Cincy to lose. He was serious about the officiating strongly in Cincy court. They want them to get the first bid. GreAt.


I’m amazed a dud on TV would say the refs could throwing the game to UC.

On ESPN radio. Listening in Virginia.

Don’t think it will matter

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Our biggest problem will be stopping a mobile QB


Just call it fair, call it consistent, call it evenly.

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Dude come on. If the fix is gonna be in it will for once be in our favor. The serious money is espn and the CFP not the AAC. Cincy in the playoff is bad for business


Spy his ace.

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Like that even a news! The AAC refs have always cheated against us! What else is new? We just have to outright beat the Bearcats’ arses even with the refs cheating for them!

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Our biggest problem will be our offense, if it’s clicking we’ll do well, if not it’ll be a bad day.


Bingo, blaming the refs is so Aggie

Hey, just repeating what the ESPN radio guy said. I don’t believe that… to a point.

If you want to go there it will be:

ESPN & P5 protectors vs. AAC & G5 access proponents.

Whose $$$ will win out?



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I’ve seen articles saying the exact opposite.

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