Ohio State bites the big one

Purdue 49 OSU 20 — 2 minutes to go.

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Crap. All this’ll mean is ut playoff talk. Unworthy imo.


We could loan them our defensive coordinator.


So happy for the young Purdue fan highlighted on Game Day. Awesome memory for his family.


This is surprising since they have a payroll…

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Herbstreit’s tears are delicious.


Luckily the loss was to powerhouse P5 Purdue

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Washington St who we play next season also destroyed #12 Oregeon

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You mean our DC who was able to make adjustments toward the end of the 2nd quarter and shut them down? Yes, I could see where UT would want someone that could do that since Orlando couldn’t, even with a bunch of guys now playing in the NFL. But, I think I will keep him the rest of the season and see how it goes. Maybe we should actually support our coaching staff, instead of undermining them at every turn.


Relax Mike…this is Coogfans, home of the knee-jerk reaction.


Actually, re-watching the game, I saw few D adjustments throughout the game. It appeared to me that the D just stepped up better as the game went on. Having Sprewell in the second half helped, as the human missile, Stuard, could not play out of control as much.

Did Johnson play in the game ? I don’t remember seeing him.

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Analysts today were discussing the possibility that Bama and the usual one other SEC team plus ND and maybe Clemson get the nod to the playoffs

Buckeyes losing throws the B1G out along with the Pac12 when Oregon lost and of course the Big12 … the horns and sooners or mt’neers or TT are delusional to believe they will make the playoffs

REGARDLESS … 3 P5s being left out will raise a loud banshee cry for the increase to eight teams according to these analysts and this time it may FINALLY work.


The Big 10 will still be in the conversation with Michigan. They were no. 6 today and beat Mich. St. Of course, I’d assume Mich. will still have to play Ohio State and that will be tough.

Kirk Herpes doesn’t understand how this could happen because “on paper” Ohio State is better than Purdue.

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Eff Herpes… with his so called “P5” garbage…I may be drunk… in Vegas. I did bet on the Coogs at -11.5, so I got that going for me.

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What’s y’alls obsession with UT :grimacing::joy::joy::joy:

He looks down & doesn’t respect a G5 team like UH. Dude picked Arizona to destroy us at home after seeing them laid an egg at home vs an average BYU team.

No. No P5 teams are going to take Dorito.