Oil majors sued over climate change

The lawsuit alleges that the defendants failed to warn the public about the role of fossil fuels in climate change and instead “launched public-relations campaigns to sow doubts about the existence, causes, and effects of climate change.”

“Based on their own research, these companies understood decades ago that their products were causing climate change and would have devastating environmental impacts down the road,” Platkin said in a statement. “They went to great lengths to hide the truth and mislead the people of New Jersey, and the world.”

Gas prices just went up again due to the demonizing of the oil industry.

This is actually great news, when the case goes to court the Oil companies will prove that the impact of fossil fuels on climate change is much lower than believed and it will become part of the permanent record. All the science on both sides will come out and the be recorded in one place without media censorship.


Wow, you really bought into conspiracy theory
stuff as most of the big companies have
have already confirmed this and it’s on their
own websites. Likewise this has been reported in the media years ago, if you watch or read real news.

Or was this just a sarcasm posting and I missed the joke ?

Are they going to sue electric companies too.

Electric companies are consumers of fossil fuels too, much as car drivers are consumers of
fossil fuels. So no, I don’t they would sue electric companies or sue automobile drivers either.

It’s a dicey case, that I’m not sure how I feel
about. Since the O&G had information and
fought so hard and so long against the fact
CO2 by humans was raising atmospheric levels, they are cast in a bad light. Much like
the tobacco companies.

Suppose data came to light today that phone
companies had definite data that cell phones
caused cancer in 1990 ( No I dont believe this, this just an example) . How would you feel about that ?

In 2015, environmental activists and class-action lawyers succeeded in securing an investigation of ExxonMobil by then-New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, as originally envisioned in the La Jolla report. The investigation was widely founded on claims that scientists and researchers from ExxonMobil knew that man-made emissions caused global climate change in the 1970s and 1980s, but that the company kept those findings secret. Contrary to their claims, ExxonMobil’s understanding of climate change has tracked the scientific consensus on climate change, and its research on the issue has been published in publicly available peer-reviewed journals.

The big oil companies know the truth and have well funded science at thier finger tips ……i didn’t say there is no affect on the climate from fossil fuels just that it is lower than commonly believed and reported in the media.
also there is plenty of evidence to show that climate change is going to persist no matter what we as humans do….
it’s a waste of time to try and reverse it, better to start planning on how to live with it.
getting past fossil fuels, a limited natural resource, was always a good idea…exaggerating climate change for political benefit and as a justification is just the wrong way to get there.
invest in better safer nuclear power ….best option.
And add hydrogen fuel cells to ev tech to extend range ….much better economic solution then trying to build out ev charging infrastructure.

but understand even if you had all of that today, the climate is still going to change……clawing it back is political rhetoric and a pipe dream and the real climate denial

Vast majority of scientists disagree.

Is human activity the only cause? No one is saying that.

Does human activity contribute to the undeniable CO2 increase? Without a shred of doubt.

Transitions shouldn’t be confused with on/off switches. Only one of those is on anyone’s table.

it’s a waste of time to try and reverse it, better to start planning on how to live with it.
getting past fossil fuels, a limited natural resource, was always a good idea…exaggerating climate change for political benefit and as a justification is just the wrong

I agree with much of what you said , except the
part above. Climate change has a drastic
point of no return when polar ice shrinks or melts. The entire planets albedo changes. Loss of snow crab populations are possibly related to this change already. Once the feedback loops kick in , there is no way to go back.

The oil companies can say whatever they want on their website and that has nothing to do with the media portrayal of the issue.

In the 70’s it was global cooling. They had plans to paint the polar ice caps black to melt the ice

climate data on co2 has been reliably
collected since late 1950s. Was what you promoting widely accepted and adopted by the
scientific community ? Please show your sources.

Otherwise you need to read read read, even if
the facts do not fit your desired political bias or religious dogma. Can you accept that ?

This is a great point Nick.
Meanwhile aliinventedtheinternetgore is flying on private jets.
Gets paid a fortune for his baseless speeches
His house has one of the biggest pollution footprint (look it it is all over the algorenet)

Read what the same alfishmancarpgore wrote about climate change 20 years ago.
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But, but Chris aliinventedev’sgore said 20 years the Hamptons would be under water…

You’re still talking about Al Gore, who left politics 23 years ago? Shows how screwed up and dualistic your thinking is.

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