OK be honest

How many times have your watched and re-watched the Kick Six?

How many of you stayed up to all hours scouring the web and Oklahoma boards soaking up the press?

I think I’ve watched the kick six 25 times and I stayed up until 3am reading the copious amounts of press (and yes some melting down posts on OK boards too).


I’ve scoured lot of boards. OU, OSU TOSU, Louisville, Tex Ags, Shaggy Bevo, FSU and even closer to home with AAC forums.

All are very complimentary with the exception really of Raider Power. They are absolutely petrified of the force we can become with P5 resources. I want to get an accoount just to shut them up, but just not worth it. Outside of week Crabtree tiptoed down the sidelines, they have never been relevant. Ever.

And I have watched the kick 6 at least a dozen times and the game on U Tube twice. Brings a little tear in my eye.

Go Coogs…

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I have seen it about 30 times, my wife is just rolling her eyes when she walks by and I am watching yet again…lol


You’ll never shut someone up. That’s the nature of college football message boards.

That said, Texas Tech potentially has the most to lose with UH in the Big 12. Imagine over the course of the next ten years that Tech and UH have more or less equal performance on the field. Now assume the fan bases of UH and Texas Tech have the same reputation of supporting their teams and buying the university allotment of bowl tickets.

Now assume the Big 12 gets ripped apart in the mid-2020s. UT goes off to the Big 10. Oklahoma finds a home in the SEC. Other conferences are looking over the remnants to see who has value. The Pac-12, which has long coveted a Texas presence, eliminates Baylor and TCU due to their Christian affiliation. UH and Tech are equals according to their scorecards. Who wins the tiebreaker? The team in Lubbock or the team in Houston?

I watched the game this morning (ESPN app, no commercials) and rewound the Kick Six a few times. It as almost as much fun as being there yesterday. Ok not really, but it was cool to be able to concentrate on Oliver’s game, etc.

No board surfing for me.

Well after going out to midtown last night, a lot of bars had the USC vs Alabama game on and the Brandon Wilson kick-six was played repeatedly during the halftime of games aired by ESPN.

Plenty of Coogs out in celebration last night throughout bars and clubs in Houston!

I have watched the replay many times and have read articles posted on this and other Coog sites. The only sites I surf are CoogFans, Cougar’s Den, and Cougar’s Digest. I don’t care about the others.

Had dinner with LSU grads and everyone was complimentary of the Coogs and UH.

I have the game on a loop on my tv. And Ike scoured many boards to read about our victory. Lol.

50 Times I have watched Wilsons return and keep singing the U of H fight song- my neighbors think I have lost it with the singing!

they played it at halftime of the Texas-ND game and the Texas fans went crazy!!


Same here, game on constant loop, this site, other site, anything Htowntakeover … Going nuts…

Now, that’s funny. I can picture you with your neighbors with a huge question mark on their faces. Keep singing and ask them to sing with you.

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Ok- I am watching Fox College Sports-Central( Here in Colorado) the game replay- The play is replayed and played over and over- amazing game with so many great plays- and the replay on the OU fumble shortly after Wilson’s TD- The announcers are saying that no way to see the knee is down and the ball coming out- the announcers say good call by the refs- Fumble

I have replayed the game 2 or 3 times so I could just watch Oliver play. It is really good. Watching them double team and even triple team him. He would just push them back into the QB.
Hope we can keep him at least 2 years more


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