OK, given that our first two conference series are WSU and Cincy

…which currently hold the two worst records in the conference…

We could get off to a fast start in conference play, right?

Or are their records a reflection of killer schedules?

Going into conference play, ECU has the highest RPI rank @ 74. A quick look at the remaining AAC schedules and I counted ten games vs top 50 teams, and seven of those are WSU & TU games. There’s about a 0% chance any AAC team will finish in the top 50 this year. The AAC has gone from being the 4th or 5th ranked conference, to a one-bid conference, and whoever wins the AAC tourney will probably be a regional 4-seed. We’ve got about as good a chance as any of them.


To expand on what Larry said with updated RPI’s.

Conference Games

ECU-#73——3 games
Tulane-#91——3 games
UCF-#111——3 games
WSU-#123——-6 games
USF-#128——3 games
Memphis-#159——3 games
Cincy-#167——-3 games

Non-Conference Games

SAM-#95——2 games
UTRGV-#134—— 1 game
Rice-#164——2 games
Lamar-#171—— 1 game
HBU-#176——- 1 game

I have NEVER seen a schedule even close to this bad before……and many teams we have played already as you know are just as bad.

That tournament early in the season against that high caliber competition……

TCU is a regional team….#33 in RPI…. We lost 10-0
Cal is not a tournament team currently #75
And the loss against SDSU that was so close……a one run loss……they are currently 5-19 with an RPI of #256.


Maybe its just me but we seem to look more athletic this year. I mean everybody looks the part, and has moments of excellence. Even our staff seems to be in command…until they aren’t. I just don’t understand ehy we weren’t clobbering people early on.

Do we have the arms to play Cincy 167 times? :rofl:

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Fixed it

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Well, I guess the only good thing about the AAC being that weak this year…is that we have a better chance of winning the tourney and getting an autobid…right?


In theory yes, there is not really anyone to be intimidated by that’s for sure….I said before the season started they could win 35+ games and not make the tournament because their RPI would be around a 100 or so….at least I think I did.

But as Larry suggested it looks like a 1 bid league unless ECU or Tulane get really hot and dominate conference to the point they could make it as an at -large……and then someone else won conference tourney……doubtful though.

What really sucks is that CTW and our AD knew this schedule gave us no chance and went with it anyway.

I’d rather they played the type of schedule that was good enough to make it as an at-large….if we came up short at least the opportunity was there for the team.

I guarantee most of those players could not care less about beating the TSU, Prarie View, Western Carolina’s of the world.


We primed our schedule to get ready for Cincinnati and Wichita State.

You did make that comment, Pollard, early on in a post about this garbage schedule… And you are correct. It’s seems to me that this schedule was designed to keep CTW’s job, that’s all. Win 35-40 games and talk about the “big turnaround” and how things are headed in the “right direction.”

Here’s my take:

Whitting is a problem and he can’t change. This team does have talent, but not nearly as much talent as Coog teams of the early 2000s.

Go back to those first 3 games or more… Look at the box scores. Look at who is in what positions/roles. Then, look at last weekend and see the difference. Tormos doesn’t play anymore, Cherry isn’t the closer anymore, the weekend rotation has changed, etc…

The point: Whitting has all of fall practice and spring practice to figure it out, and it seems every year he gets it wrong. The Coogs waste valuable time and games while CTW tries to figure it out. To me, that’s where the slow starts come in. You can dig a hole real quick in the first 3 weeks of the season when you realize you misjudged who should be starting or what your pitching rotation should be. The fact is, this year’s schedule is so bad, the usual slow start lasted one weekend instead of the first few weeks.

I want the Coogs to succeed, we all do, regardless of who the coach is, but my goodness, it seems like literally every year, the Coogs stumble out of the gate then have to reshuffle the deck … A guy who can’t properly judge his talent during practice isnt going to be worth much once the games actually count. And, unfortunately, I don’t see how that’s going to change.

Anyway, maybe this team will thrive this year in a weak AAC and recruiting will pick up with the move to the Big12. We can always hope.

Go Coogs.


I think we need to look at the investment of time and resources and make better decisions. Having a soft schedule and bringing in PVAM prior to league play is a waste of time. I wasn’t there last night but it looked like a morgue on TV. Similar to some other games this year. There’s little benefit to even beating PVAM other than exercise and getting a workout. And the risk was high. Did we really think the PVAM staff was gonna prep us for league play?

I’m not a technical baseball guru. I love the sport. But it kinda feels like we got behind the eight ball and just called some folks to fill dates. I hope that’s not the case.

Hell, maybe we’ve lost the luster and people don’t see a benefit of playing us. Lol

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We hurt other team’s strength of schedule.


Few games I’ve went to made the reading of the rosary beads at a funeral seem lively…the program needs a complete change of direction


Great post. :100:

I agree with your post other than “ got behind the 8 ball and just called some folks to fill dates.”

This schedule was put together for a reason just as xDC suggested……
I’m really disappointed Pez allowed this schedule….if we can figure out what a going on and predict how it’s going to play out……so should he.

I know it’s not football or basketball……but if something is not done this off season then we will know that baseball has been relegated.

And here’s the proof to back that up:
After losing to Western Carolina, we dropped from 80 to 100.
After winning 2 of 3 vs WCU, we dropped from 80 to 93.
After beating Prairie View, we dropped from 94 to 97.
There’s no point to playing sub-200 teams, it’s a lose / lose situation.