Ok, now I am getting antsy

I have been patiently enjoying the offseason until today, I am so ready for the game to start. And I hope we send the Sooners home in a world of hurt.

Anyone else in agony waiting?


I’m actually pretty serene for this one even though I’m ready for the game to get here. I don’t know, just feel this confidence in Herman and the team that they’ll take care of business Saturday.

What I do know, I’ve had Womp-Womp ringing in my head ever since Monday morning - which is a nice change of pace from the normal ringing in my ears :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Then I go watch this and I get shivers:


I’ve been fine all offseason too, but it hit me this morning…like big time. LASKDJFIROIWJFOJFSDFJLDSKFJALKJ!!!

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Three more days gentlemen. I’ve got family coming into town Saturday night. A niece I haven’t seen in 20 years. I’m so glad our game is early in the afternoon or I’d be upset. lol

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Been waiting since we flew out of Atlanta on January 1. The kick off event held in the club level of TDECU this past Saturday really got the “ready for football season juices” flowing for my tail gate buds and me. We are going to meet around 8:00 or so near Main and 610 loop before the game and attempt to caravan into NRG to have a “mini” tail gate before the game. Hopefully our 7 or 8 cars will be able to park close to each other. Also, this past Saturday was really great in seeing the student section in the lower bowl packed and CTH, TF and Dr. RK speaking to the students.


My only worry is offensive line. I am not hearing anything good or bad. It is making me nervous.

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I’m feeling super confident this year. The biggest thing has been Herman’s comment that the staff has spent so much more time this year teaching football/system in camp rather than culture. The culture is already ingrained and everyone has bought in (except for the few guys who couldn’t handle it and left). The lack of football training during camp last year showed against Tennessee Tech when we gave up an ungodly amount of passing yards to a team that would probably struggle against Katy High. This year we have a complete year in the new system under our belts, lots of experience, even in places vacated by outgoing seniors, and a version of Greg Ward Jr. who, by all accounts, is ready to really lead this team. And as much as I loved Farrow, I think Catalon (if healthy) will cause far more damage to opposing defenses than Farrow and Jackson did last year. It would be nice to have Samples for game 1, but I have very high expectations for D’Eriq King. That kid is an incredible athlete and Herman plugging him in week 1 at a brand new position for him says a lot about his football smarts.

I think our defense is going to be devastating this year. We lost some great pieces, but nearly everyone who will be playing this year got playing time last year and practiced the system all of last year and should now know the system well. That should give Coach Orlando the ability to open up the defensive playbook even more. I can see our front 7 locking OU’s running game up just like they did FSU. I also see that front 7 taking a giant load off the less experienced secondary by being even more disruptive up front than last year. And by Herman’s account, this year’s secondary is more athletic than last year’s crew, which will soften the impact of losing some great leadership back there.

After all is said and done, I’m not nearly as nervous about our supposed “fall off” in some areas as a lot of people are. I think having a full year in the offensive and defensive schemes will override of lot of the losses in personnel. I am very much looking forward to this year getting started. Could be a very special year.


I feel the same way. Most people are doubting us, but I have such confidence in CTH and his staff that I know we will be DAMN good this year.

I’m excited and antsy as well for the season to start. Win or Lose, our season does not end after this weekend’s game, regardless of the outcome. However, as a fan, it is hard to remember that and taper our expectations. I’m just really confident that CTH and his staff will have our guys ready to go, but, even if we lose, it won’t be for a lack of effort. I kind of want Saturday to come and lets get this over with. Talk about the anticipation. lol! Go Coogs!

Are they saying Mfuk Cougars ?! Lololol


Unfortunately, yes. :confused:


I’ve got my slingshot and smooth stones.


Band did a cleaner version this morning:

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