OK, so what is FC’s TRUE capacity?

It seemingly keeps expanding with new attendance records set each night.

Do we sell a huge number of SRO tickets or is the actual capacity really higher than 7100?

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We sell a TON of SRO tickets. One of the “SRO areas” is behind my section 120, and there’s been a good 40-50 people standing back there for the past 3 home games.

Its a master plan to save from having to spend money on expanding FC. If we keep adding 100 fans to set the record each game, we should be around 10,000 capacity by the end of next season.


Some of the increase over capacity could be season ticket holders who are not going to use their game tickets, have gifted their game tickets back to UH, then UH resells and counts again (?).

UH makes it very easy to gift game tickets back to UH.

No clue if this is a reason for some of the increased capacity number. Just a thought…


AD Pez let 400 additional students ( SRO) in last night to break the record of largest FC crowd.



7879 is lots of peoples. :clap::clap::clap:

at some point the fire marshall will determine our max capacity


They use the method of having the Athletics Director, AD for Tickets and Conference Commissioner get together, find the all-time capacity record and pick a number above that just like we did at the 2006 Conference USA Championship game.

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It’s the same SWAG method taught at the Cullen College of Engineering: Sophisticated Wild Ass Guess.

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I’m sure it’s happening around FC, but in Section 115, every single game a bunch of students come try to sit in seats that aren’t theirs and get kicked out when the real owners show up. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s super annoying when 10-15 people have to stand in front of me for minutes during the game getting out of seats they never should have been in. I kind of wish the ushers at the top would start checking tickets.


Wait until Kansas next year!

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With the tickets being on the cell phone now, that’s quite a delay if you want the ushers to look at every single ticket of every fan every time the get up.

I think Rice ushers were famous for that… And it was annoying as hell.

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I heard the master plan is once the floor standing room only is filled to capacity, they will just dangle fans using a harness attached to the ceiling. We can easily fit 12-13,000 that way.


The Rice ushers at football games is the Boy Scouts.

That’s the “Old San Francisco” section.


You mean with the lady on the swing hanging from the ceiling, ringing a bell with her toes? That gimmick gets old fast and our basketball team is more entertaining than that.

I did enjoy the reference.


I haven’t looked closely enough but is there any chance we can place the band on floor level to open up more student seating?

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Re do the student benches with bleachers add one more row of benches that are inches away from the donors make the out of bounds the walkway. Easily add those 400 students.

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And 7,978 is even more.


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