Ok who is this?

Identify yourselves

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Someones grandfathers

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Circa 1990’s.

Those shorts are not 1990s…more like 1980s.

Where’d the pic come from?

Looks like 86 87 time frame

I’m pretty sure that’s 1990, maybe 1989. Definitely run & shoot years. I knew a ton of people in that pic although my mind isn’t as good as it used to be so I don’t remember all of the names.

Some old school Bleacher Creatures. While the Dome didn’t allow you to come in too early to tailgate, they did allow us in early to paint our faces, and we just happened to do a lot of drinking, not “tailgating”, while we painted up.

The original tweet from the University said the 90’s.

Joe, Jim, and I think Jerry. One was my roommate. Don’t think they’re on the board.

Dorm Scum!

well, they ought to be on the board. :slight_smile:

I thought Jerry was a poster.

Dorm Scum 4Ever!

Forget about the time frame, the young lady in the bottom left of the photo is very pretty in any era.

Must of been during Andre Ware’s days ??! 1989 ?

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