OKAY its getting scary

Nary one article or leak or rumor or innuendo concerning …


has been forth coming for several days now … guess those stadium gum wads REALLY LOST their flavor … or circling the wagons in the SAME spot has created DEEP ruts that the wagons are now STUCK …

is no news good news or has the expansion body/stiff already been sent to the funeral home … embalmed … and set for viewing next week???

We’ll find out soon enough.

Nah, I’d expect it to get quiet close to the Oct 17 meeting.

It’s been fun and games and positioning to this point; now comes the arm twisting and nut cutting.

The meeting date provides a pressure point for some type of action, one way or another.

I was thinking about TCU. Could be they are trying force a GOR extension?

When conferences tell schools to shut the hell up, that is what they do…

Except for Boren. That guy never shuts up.

He could have an argument locked in a room by himself.

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It is quiet. Even the rumor mongers are having trouble coming up with new stuff to stoke the fires.

Boren had his public fit and presumably got what he wanted privately.

Makes sense. Wonder what. Maybe no GoR extension?

That is what I was thinking. But I have to wonder was that ever an option to begin with. Maybe UT wanted it to last until the LHN deal is up.

I was thinking Boren was throwing a fit over the network.

Its like a marriage of convenience; the ones with other options (UT, OU) don’t want to be tied down while those without many options (the rest) want to put a ring on it. I kind of think that is what TCU was/is trying to do going against UT.

Looks like our boy flugar has some new “info” about a controlled explosion this morning.

I believe the correct wording is …


Link …

Apparently more rumors from his second hand OU contact through the B1G source … the 2nd part of a two parter which is lengthy.

controlled implosion is another description for … exiting with grace … most likely coming from Boren as if we didn’t know already from that alzheimers infected looney bin.

OU wants to go? Where could they go? Just thinking out loud here.
BIG10? It makes perfect geographical sense for them. Nebraska would welcome that. They could bring with them OSU, KU, and KS. Imo that is the most logical sense for them. It has to be an even number so…

B1G. I don’t think its a secret Boren has wanted that for some time. I’m pretty sure in that scenario OSU and KState wouldn’t make the jump. I don’t think the B1G has any use for them.

so tu would go to PAC? and baylor to CUSA?

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Once again, no secret that UT has wanted to go to the Pac since 2011, and it may be the one place they can take the network with them.

Who is going to want Baylor? They probably end up in the American. TCU better be careful or they do too. OSU, KState, WVU, ISU, and maybe Tech don’t look to shiny other than they used to be in a P5. Ask Cincy how much cache that gets you a few years out.

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Interesting …

I want to see all the rumors Flugeville has to post …

Nebraska’s major complaint is no longer recruiting Texas which has dried up for them … as will OU if they head north …

Nope their only hope is the SEC … however I suspect they will have to leave Oklite behind to fend on their own.

All of this is JUST A GUESS … however the OU contacts maybe on to something substantial …

Mad Boren cooking in his laboratory with an ungodly recipe coming up with heaven knows what until he exclaims … “IT’S ALIVE!!!” :innocent:

I guess if OU was thinking about splitting off little brother it’d explain the strong words T Boone had for Boren last week.

A new 16 conference is about to form:

UH, Tulane, UC, Memphis, UConn, USF, UCF, Navy or Temple

Possibly a 14 team if KU and OU go to the B1G.

(just a random thought)

West Virginia, Kansas State, and Iowa State are about to be orphaned, albeit with a healthy allowance,for the time being.

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