Oklahoma isn't Motivated

Is what we will hear if we win this game…

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Still game to play so I hate commenting here, but they’ll just say that Perine got hurt early, like FSU fans say about their QB. Nevermind the fact that our hard hitting D put the hurt on both.

Oklahoma was not ready for a team this physical. They looked like a G5 offense going against a P5 defense.

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Excuse: Houston stole all our recruits


A few people have told me well, looks like Oklahoma is over rated again…GRRRRRRRRRRR

Have to wait and see. 2 weeks will be a big test for both teams as OU hosts Ohio St and we travel to Cincy on a short week.

Nah. Oklahoma is real good, they just lost to a better team. A team who is well coach and play in sync. Scary thing is that UH can still get better.

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