Oklahoma Sooners Football: A Closer Look At Houston QB Greg Ward, Jr


Oklahoma Sooners Football: A Closer Look At Houston QB Greg Ward, Jr.

An obvious sooner homer writing this article …

States the only reason we beat the HIGHLY TALENTED noles was because they were “likely disinterested” or could care less/fell asleep at the wheel in playing us and gave us the game.

Of course to his credit he does states that their much traveled and overrated DC Mike Stoops couldn’t prepare his sooners against a dual threat QB last season losing to Clemson and one he didn’t mention also with a dual threat … Texas.

He also didn’t mention Catalon who could well relieve Ward of all the attention as a dual threat as the sooners defense may have to “split their attention” elsewhere.

Sounds exactly like the Nole fans prior to the Peach Bowl.

Difference is OU has a QB. Although the defense isn’t as strong as FSU.

OU has better QB. FSU’s QB managed to put up quite a few passing yards on us. We routinely gave up passing yards. Last year, we had ball hawks that countered the big yardage we gave up. I think our fans are reasonably worried about the defensive secondary. We will see if CTO is able to cope with an OU passing game in a similar fashion to last year.

Also, FSU starting QB in Peach Bowl broke his left ankle late in first quarter. Their back up in second quarter of Peach Bowl had no clue. FSU starting QB returned in second half with what looked like some sort of huge immobilization boot on his left foot up to the middle of his calf. He still made some decent passes against us. He wasn’t very mobile. I trust CTH and his staff to have us well prepared, though.

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