Oklahoma ST. Favored

Okie Lite -1

Means nothing at tipoff…

Chance for me to make money… Going UH large…


this game will come down to how well we can guard the 3…

ok state is an elite 3pt shooting team, if we can guard the 3…they arent really good at anything else as a team

it also might come down to how well we shoot the 3.


I hear they are horrible shooting Ft’s and have a bad turnover problem.

Not just guarding the 3 but also getting the rebounds on the miss 3’s. We can’t give up 20 second chances tomorrow.

Jarreau’s defense will help a bunch to go with Hinton in the wings.

Been in Stillwater most the day and already seen about 20 or so people wearing UH gear. So there’s at least a few of us hear to cheer the boys on to victory


Good for you, wish I could be there. There are lots going to watch here back at home!

One of the few cities where visitors are treated well.

You sure that wasn’t the Team you saw! :joy::joy:. I kid I kid! Drive safe.

This game is going to be so hard to win in the road.

Be played in a Arena! :grin::grin::joy:

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Now OSU -3

This will be a tough one.

Win or lose it’ll be a more valuable experience for this team than most of our games so far.

If we’re playing our A game, we’ll beat OSU.

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