Oklahoma vs Houston Teaser Video

i decided to make a UH Oklahoma teaser video the other day and some free time so i threw this together


Wow. You throw together well. Good job.

Great job!!!

Thanks for sharing!

Dude, I love your videos. Keep up the good work. I subscribed to your page.

Very cool.

Made my day!

Thanks! This was a great surprise this morning.

Great job, Pesik

Great job!

Great job!

Your vid just got posted to Houston Cougar football’s FB page.

Would like to interview you for aacfever.com about this video. Reply here or find me on Twitter @jayinmilwaukee

Sports Illustrated’s 'Campus Rush put up a story on your video. Well done.


Outstanding! Had to watch it again.

Variety says:
Fired up, can’t wait.
Great job, two thumbs up.

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