'Ol Senile Joe

Just to put an exclamation mark on WTH.

Let’s look just 5 months ago to when either the retardicans got played by a senile president or are of course echoing the lies that as brainwashed lemmings is what constitues their being.

It has to be one or the other. Which is it 4th and 20. Are you and your congressional representatives so feeble in mental acuity thst a senile president plays you or are you just a unadulterated liar like the Lord of Lies that you worship?

Here’s “proofs”.

Biden Baits Republicans With Unity Pleas That Provoke Catcalls Bloomberg - Are you a robot?


That’s the thing, people want you to believe he’s completely senile yet at the same time believe he’s a criminal mastermind.


Well I mean who among us can’t remember how to put on our underwear the right way and still find the time to run a worldwide criminal enterprise.

Well based on my like I clearly wasn’t sarcastic enough or someone missed the point.