Ole Miss 24-3 in 2nd over Bama EDIT: Ole Miss collapses :(

Go ole miss!

Yeah, Ole Miss will win. Alabama is starting a true freshman in his first time in the road. Hell be good down the line but the moment is just too big for the kid.

Ole Miss will probably do what they did last week - fall apart and lose.

You may be right.

Has any team ever lost 2 times in 3 weeks when the lead by 21 or more in both losses? This has to be a first we are going to witness

Oopsie !!!

With Alabama’s defense, never count them out.

By the by…Lane Kiffin’s lame play calling makes Applewhite seem like a “wild and crazy” guy !!

i will be surprised if any school is capable of beating Alabama 3 straight times…should be a great second half…


Ole miss making a comeback.

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