OLine Love

We are outfly loud when they don’t play good. But Tune had ALL DAY for most of the game. We have to give them their flowers for the way they passed blocked today!


We have an O-line that is built for up tempo and not ball control offense. Maybe this game wakes Dana up to this fact.


Am I just basking in the afterglow, or did they really clean up their acts tonight?

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After not punching it in on the goal line, I thought it was ridiculous. But when it was on the line, they came through. However, you have to hand it to Tune for his escaping and making big plays to keep those drives going.


The fast paced up tempo offense helps out the offensive line becasue it gets the ball out faster lessening the time have to block and also moving Tune in the pocket also buys the line some time. We just dont have an O-line for a ball control offense.

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I went back through play by play, the OL had only two penalties (false start and a hold), both in first half.

That’s been a drive killer all season, good to see they didn’t cost us last night. I hope they keep this up.