Oliver had 13 tackles

Despite being double and triple teamed the entire game.



It SEEMS like he isn’t having the impact he used to, but the numbers argue otherwise. He is having an absolutely outstanding year for a defensive tackle.

Opposing O coordinators are specifically game-planning for him. In the end, he needs to figure out how to have an impact being schemed for, it will only help him at the next level.

He would have had a sack, but Tulsa had a false start / illegal procedure penalty. Probably the 2nd or 3rd sack erased due to penalties.

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Seems like his impact is taking up 2-3 blockers. If our ILBs can’t feast in that situation, something is wrong. Brown had 13 and Robinson or 8 or 9, can’t remember off hand.


Been saying the same thing. Three guys on Ed then guys are singled up elsewhere . Where are those guys? Next year could be tough for the d-line.

There’s some big name teams that are really bad. He could end up somewhere and get a lot of attention. Hopefully it’s not in Arizona.

Nose guards/tackles is often a thankless position… when your job is to clog everything up. It’s often not glamorous but supremely important obvious…

See how many times the Tulsa backs ran a yard right into the line and just stopped with no where to go? Ed has a big hand in that.


Should also have a stat line for number of times he is tackled or held and it’s not called.


It isn’t until you look at the stats that it is pretty amazing what he is doing. For example, coming into this season he owned the record for tackles for losses for 2 years with J Clowney being the next closest. I know it is a modern stat, but it is crazy to see the company he is keeping while still being an interior lineman that is double or tripled team.